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Women’s History Month Madness

Check out the history-making women to root for and uplift from each school and together,…
The Female Quotient Hosting an Equality Lounge Advertising Week with six women speakers sitting on a chairs.

How The Female Quotient works with brands to promote equality

Founder and CEO Shelley Zalis shared the group's plans for 2024.
Illustrative forehead and chin separated with data boxes floating in between where the eyes and nose would be.

The State of Women in AI 2024

Women need to be at the table influencing the future of AI.
black and white boxes with women speakers


We’re elevating women’s profiles to create a more equitable future for AI.
cartoon headshots of various women in cyber

Women in Cyber 2023

In this series, The Female Quotient and Deloitte are amplifying the voices of 30 women…
Gender equality concept. Male and female symbol on the scales with balance on blue background. minimal style, 3d render.Getty Images/iStockphoto

Modern Gender Equality Must Include Men

Gender equality can only happen when women and men are advancing toward that goal together.
Blue background with three wood blocks each showing an equality icon, and gender icons, with a man's hand turning over a block to make it show an equality symbol.

Closing the Global Gender Gap Requires CEOs to Adopt a Moonshot Mindset

Research shows that based on our current trajectory, we will not see gender parity until…
Our Secret Numbers Women, Men, And The Taboo Nature Of Financial Health. Cartoon of two women and two men next to a calculator and credit card.

Our Secret Numbers

Research highlighting the taboo numbers in today’s society, particularly around personal finances, and explores people’s…
Two business women walking away

Female Founders Expert Network: The Must-Know List

Introducing our Female Founders’ Expert Network: The Must-Know List, a curated directory from JPMorgan Chase…
The Resilience Reset Women, Resilience, And Their Use Of Technology image with 4 cartoon women looking straight with all different races and careers.

The Resilience Reset – Women, Resilience, and Their Use of Technology

This research illuminates how working women’s mindsets are changing in a world that is more…
Australian actress Margot Robbie poses for a photo during a pink carpet event to promote her new film "Barbie" in Seoul on July 2, 2023. (Photo by Jung Yeon-je / AFP) (Photo by JUNG YEON-JE/AFP via Getty Images)AFP VIA GETTY IMAGES

Barbie In The Boardroom: Bringing Feminine To The Table

You don’t have to be a girly girl and splash pink all over, but there’s…
Calendar with red circles on select dates

Period Power

Let’s promote menstrual equity and ensure that people with uteruses are not held back by…
Crowd of women looking to the side illustration

Breaking The Bamboo Ceiling: Advancing Asian Women To C-Suite Leadership

Through collaborative conversation and intentional action, we will change the equation for equality in the…
Kelly Sawyer Patricof and Norah Weinstein smiling COURTESY BABY2BABY

From A Moment To A Movement: Baby2Baby Co-CEOs On The Importance Of Giving Back With Generosity

Baby2Baby Co-CEOs Kelly Sawyer Patricof and Norah Weinstein epitomize what's possible when purpose meets passion.
Sports women holding up a trophy and celebrating

The Coverage Gap: A Step Towards Leveling Visibility and Viewership Disparity in Women’s Sports

To close the gap in the professional sports industry, we must understand the current landscape…
Image of New York Stock Exchange, Wall street, Manhattan, New York.

Women Drive Wealth. So Why Is Equity Still Inequitable?

Money is being left on the table when women founders are overlooked. We need to…
A pregnant employee sitting at her desk and talking to one of her colleagues.

The Pregnancy Penalty: Dismantling Stigmas In The Workplace

Pregnancy can be a transformative experience, but for many women, a positive test also heightens…