First Came The Intelligence Quotient (IQ),
Then Came The Emotional Quotient (EQ),
Now Comes The Female Quotient (FQ)

The Female Quotient is committed to advancing equality in the workplace through collaboration, activating solutions for change and creating measurements for accountability.

The number of years it will take to close the gender pay gap.
The US's world ranking in gender equality (down from 23rd out of 144 in 2006).
trillion economic opportunity to US GDP by 2025 if we reach gender equality.

Our Pillars

group of smiling women

The Girls’ Lounge

A woman alone has power, together we have impact. We bring women together through pop-experiences to activate change at conferences, corporations, and college campuses.

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Modern Guide to Equality in the Girls' Lounge

The Equality Practice

Advancing equality for business success through accountability, next-step solutions for change and reimagining the rules.

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Mentorship In The Moment

Our advice portal features curated career tips from our Girls’ Lounge community to give you the tools you need to succeed.

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Upcoming Girls’ Lounges

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The Modern Guide
to Equality

This living and breathing playbook combines research, workplace trends and interviews with industry leaders to offer toolkits and tips for accountability to transform today’s workplace.

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