What’s the Secret to Success in Web3? 7 Leaders Share What’s Working For Them

What’s the Secret to Success in Web3? 7 Leaders Share What’s Working For Them

When the Female Quotient entered into the metaverse earlier this year, the goal was simple: to provide more opportunities for women of various intersecting identities to connect, learn and grow within the metaverse. As digital technologies continue to dominate the future of business, it’s critical now more than ever for women to be at the forefront of Web3. While Web2 was dominated by white men, the plan is to build a more diverse infrastructure for Web3 from the ground up — and that starts with getting more women in the space now.

We spoke with a few pioneers who are leading the way in Web3 about their journeys so far. Here’s what they had to say about what has helped them find success in Web3:

“It’s no secret that community is at the forefront of everything. I take time every day to see what’s new and deliver the crux of it to my online audience. By educating in an entertaining way, I’ve found that it’s my secret sauce to help create the future in this new space.”
— Shawnee Sande, Web3 content creator

“There are a few things: First, working with like-minded people who I really believe in. Second,being immersed in the metaverse community to understand its needs and pain points Third, changing the ‘I don’t know how to do it’ mindset to ‘let’s experiment and see what happens!’”
— Masha Vyazemskaya, Head of Communications at Rarible

“Ethos. If you don’t know your values you won’t make it in any dimension.”
— Kas Vegas, NFT community builder, artist, and music producer

“I’m a musician, and I always lead with my strengths and passions first. I just dropped my first NFT in collaboration with World of Women, which was the first musical piece they’ve ever released as an art drop! I love to focus on the music space in Web3 and use my skills to help guide and empower others, as well as for personal growth. I also love to learn. We’re all navigating this world together, and I want to speak when I have something to share and listen to others when I don’t understand something. Asking for help is the key to growth!”
— Rhea Raj, Web3 music and fashion content creator

“My secret is to be a kind, passionate, and ambitious woman in both Web3 and real life. My goal is to serve as a bridge between the physical and meta realms. Besides my art, I’m creating the Daily Affirmations Web3 app. I believe my work will bring awareness to people by replacing negative thoughts with good ones, overcoming anxiety and fighting the FOMO that we are all experiencing. I want to not only help people but introduce talented and independent NFT artists to a broader audience by highlighting their work. Women in Web3, let’s spread the light in both worlds together!”
— Marjana Zaitceva, artist

“The secret to my success in Web3 is my motivation and desire to succeed. As a woman, I have a lot of opportunities in this space. All I have to do is step up and decide that I want to take them. I spend time every day reading articles and doing my best to learn everything I can about NFTs and the metaverse. I want to continue to evolve with the space as it grows. I take every opportunity I can to share my knowledge. I try to teach people so that they have a basic understanding of NFTs and their utility, and I hope to squash any misconceptions that they might have. I’m excited about the future and looking forward to onboarding more women into this space.”
— Tracy Lee, digital creator

“My secret to success has been bringing my superpower (art) to Web3. Opportunity is abundant in this space. You don’t have to be an artist. This is a rapidly developing new industry, and it needs all different kinds of talents and skills. So I just brought to the table the skill that I was best at, without a fear of failure and a willingness to learn.” — Sara Baumann, Artist and Founder of Women & Weapons

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