Which Tool is Right For You?

Close the Pay Gap

The calculator analyzes your organization’s raw gender wage gap and provides your potential contribution to revenue and impact on GDP in closing the gap. ​​Based on your results, you will receive added information that may help your organization build a strong business case for gender equality.

Check your DEI Performance

Use this tool to see your industry’s general DEI performance based on multiple DEI sub-dimensions such as gender, race/ethnicity, sexuality, disability, age, family, education and more. Take it a step further and benchmark your own company DEI performance against your industry peers.

Represent Diverse Voices

The Speaker Equity Assessor analyzes a conference’s speakers and provides high-level insights to help organizations select a more diverse slate of panelists who will better represent those watching and listening. When panels lack diversity, audiences miss potential outcomes and unique perspectives.


The Female Quotient is committed to showcasing the incredible work that others are doing to advance equality and spark change.

The Vault Platform exposes and mitigates previously invisible incidents of misconduct and ensures your people and your company are behaving ethically and in compliance.

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