Speaker Equity Assessor™

How do we increase diverse representation at conferences and events around the world? That’s the mission behind this first-of-its-kind tool. Created for events of any size, it provides organizers with a comprehensive look at the representation of their speaker lineup.

Organizers input their event’s speaker data using a provided template. From this raw data, the SEA creates a holistic overview of speaker representation across a variety of characteristics, including gender, race, sexual orientation and core expertise. Users can then drill down into the results to find even deeper insights. For instance, you might have high representation among Black speakers, but are those speakers being placed mostly on DEI-related panels? Using these insights, you can create a tailored action plan that leads to better speaker representation.

The Purpose

To ensure there is diverse representation on stage, and that audiences aren’t hearing from speakers that all look and sound the same.

The User

Conference and event organizers, corporate communications, internal event managers, diversity and inclusion teams.

The Takeaway

You will receive a customized report that will illustrate the diversity of your speaker lineup based on selected variables that include gender, race, age, sexuality, education, disability, and a variety of other factors. Additional outputs include a comparative look at all events entered, saving each to use as a benchmark to record progress moving forward.

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