The FQ Equality News 5.17.19

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The FQ Equality News 5.17.19

In this week’s equality news, discover why we have a record-breaking number of female CEOs this year, how the workplace may be moving in a direction that works better for women, and why 75% of moms think motherhood makes them a better leader.
The future of work isn’t as “greedy” as we thought. A few weeks ago, the New York Times published an article on “greedy” work and how America’s obsession with longer hours has widened the gender pay gap. But, if you take a closer look at this competitive labor market, you’ll also see something working in women’s favor: companies are offering more flexibility, such as remote work, to combat the growth of “greedy” work.
Source: The New York Times
Women CEOs are breaking records.  As of next month, there will be a grand total of 33 women CEOs on the Fortune 500. While this record-high represents just 6.6% of the group as a whole and it’s nearly all white, it’s still an improvement over last year’s total of 24 women, or 4.8%. What’s causing the jump in female CEOs who are joining the club? A push for board diversity, since research shows having more women on boards translates to more women being appointed as CEOs.
Source: CNN
The number of men afraid to mentor women is rising. We know that men are afraid to say or do the wrong thing in the post-movement era. We’re not seeing any improvement: New research by LeanIn.Org and Survey Monkey reveals that the number of polled male managers who say they are, “uncomfortable participating in common job-related activities with women,” has jumped from 46% to 60% in the past year. In a new Fortune op-ed, Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg and Marc Pritchard, chief brand officer of P&G, make a call to action. “Not harassing women isn’t enough. More deliberate action is needed to support women and make the workplace better for everyone.”
Source: Fortune
Gender bias may be harmful to women’s mental health. The American Psychological Association (APA) recently issued new guidelines for men outlining the harmful effects of “toxic masculinity,” and now they’ve released new guidelines to help therapists treating girls and women, noting both women’s resilience and help with “confronting their own personal and institutional biases.”
Source: USA Today
The FQ Buzz: Contrary to popular belief, motherhood doesn’t take away from the workplace, it makes the workplace better. Make sure to check out this recent Forbes article by Shelley Zalis, CEO of The Female Quotient, to learn why.


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