The Equality Practice: Tools & Solutions

We have to stop admiring the problem and walk the talk.

We are giving companies and leaders the tools they need to design the culture they want—and drive equality.

Here is why equality is a business imperative, and below are our solutions for change.

The Algorithm For Equality

The Female Quotient is creating an algorithm for equality which will enable companies to measure their current equality status, identify specific areas for improvement, and create customized plans for making their workplaces more inclusive, safe and fair.


Equality bootcamp

Our customized experiences and tools are designed to inspire, educate, share best practices with business leaders to advance equality in corporations.


Modern Guide To Equality

Powered by collaboration with industry leaders, our playbook disrupts the current work culture and creates accountability standards for progress.



Together with the Association of National Advertisers’ Alliance for Family Entertainment (ANA AFE), we are leading the movement to accurately portray women and girls in media so that by 2020, they see themselves reflected as they truly are.

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