Advancing Equality Calculator™

Pay parity stands as one of the greatest barriers to gender equality. The World Economic Forum’s projections show that we won’t achieve gender parity on a global scale until the year 2277 — and that isn’t even taking into account the decades of progress that have been undone by the pandemic.

The Advancing Equality Calculator™ is a free tool that organizations or departments of any size can use to calculate their raw pay gap in a few simple steps. It also demonstrates how closing the pay gap could potentially contribute to revenue and GDP, and provides tailored insights that may help your organization build a stronger case for gender equality. Best of all, anyone can use it — you just need some basic company information to get started.

The Purpose

Pay parity is essential in the drive for equality. This tool was created to raise awareness and foster transparency by helping organizations calculate their raw pay gap.

The User

Anyone in compensation and benefits, C-suite leadership, data analytics, diversity & inclusion and human resources.

The Takeaway

You will receive a customized report that will include the gender wage gap for your entire organization, your department, or function. You can compare your gap with your country or the world. You will understand the GDP and revenue impact if or when your organization closes the gap. 

More From Our Tool

If you’ve landed here, you’re already concerned about pay equity in the workplace, as we all should be.

Once you have analyzed your company’s raw pay gap, you will need to take some important steps to enlist company-wide support.

 Understanding which factors contribute to the pay gap and who is most impacted by it can help in developing a solution.


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