Stress Less

Stress Less

Did you know that April is Stress Awareness Month? After a year of loss and fear, we’re all feeling the strain. So, how can we make sure we are taking care of our mental health? Learning to cope with stress can go a long way. Here’s our friendly reminder to take care of yourself.



1. Be kind to yourself: Don’t dismiss or disparage negative emotions. When you allow yourself to notice your feelings without judging them as good or bad, you are choosing self-compassion.

2. Engage in self-care: Self-care is a conscious act to promote our own physical, mental, and emotional health. It can mean many things, such as exercising, reading a book, spending time with loved ones, treating yourself, having a good cry. It is important to find your “me-time.”

3. Allow yourself to rest: In a society that places too much emphasis on productivity, it is common to push yourself to the point of burnout — and this has only been exacerbated by a year of remote working. Just as you would pack up and leave the office, do the same with your WFH set-up. Adding this rigor around rest can go a long way in reducing stress levels.

4. Focus on what you can control: When it feels like everything is out of control around you, use mental distractions to help redirect your thoughts. Try utilizing grounding techniques: Go for a short walk, savor a beverage or shack you enjoy, or take deep, intentional breaths. These can help you create space from feelings of distress in a variety of situations.

5. Reach out for support: No matter what challenges you’re dealing with, there are tons of mental health resources available to you. Don’t be afraid to seek out the support you need.




On Work-Life Balance: “Society is obsessed with compartmentalizing identities. A work-life balance, while good in intent, doesn’t help women. It’s unattainable because there’s no 50/50 balance. Taking a holistic approach works better for me.” — Stephanie Dismore, Managing Director, North America, HP Inc. | Watch the full discussion


On How To Be More Intentional: “Keep growing and learning and think about your own professional development plan. Be intentional and thoughtful of what you want. And make time for self-care. Manage your energy to set yourself up and keep moving forward.” —Michelle Meyer-Shipp, Chief People and Culture Officer, Major League Baseball | Watch the full discussion


On Why intersectionality Matters: “Intersectionality is recognizing that everyone experiences the world differently and it’s important to point out those differences. As a person who holds privilege, step back and listen to the person who is most marginalized. No one is voiceless.” —Alliyah Logan, FQ Next Gen Board | Watch the full discussion



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