So you want to be a GenderAvenger…

So you want to be a GenderAvenger…

By Amber Coleman-Mortley

Who speaks on national platforms, who stands before decision makers, and who appears in the media on lists of who is important, signal value.

– Gina Glantz, Founder of GenderAvenger

What do you do when you’re attending a conference where no women or women of color are on panels as experts? What happens when there are women present at a meeting but men are taking up most of the air time? Do you ignore it? Get frustrated? Do you say something? 

From the public stage to the conference room, inequality continues to surround us and serve as a reminder that there is much work to be done. We know that real change requires bold action, but sometimes we don’t  know where or how to start. “Calling out” the inequality around us can feel awkward or isolating.  

GenderAvenger gives individuals the tools they need to measure what matters because the first step in changing the equation —  is measuring inequality. GenderAvenger works to change the equation in three ways: measure, engage, reward.


1. Measure Inequality with The GA Tally App

The GenderAvenger Tally functions under one premise: what can be measured, can be changed. The GA Tally empowers you to record and share the gender (im)balances you see every day. Whether on TV, at a conference, on a best-of list, or in a meeting, count who’s present or time who’s talking – and gather irrefutable data to shed light on who’s missing from the conversation.

The power of the GA Tally is in its simplicity; it allows you to tell the story of systemic power imbalances through a simple chart. These imbalances have a profound impact on workplace dynamics and the advancement of women. 

Are you ready to make women’s voices count? 

Download the GA Tally and the next time…

You see a list of conference speakers with too few women and women of color → tally it and tag @GenderAvenger on social media to call in a community of online allies…

You find yourself in a meeting with men dominating the conversation → time who’s talking and share the results with your team to start a dialogue about flipping the script… 

You come across an example of inclusion that should be highlighted → tally it, tag @GenderAvenger and the organizer on social media to let them know you approve!


2. Engage Our Community of Advocates with The GA Action Alert

When we see something, we say something. Subscribe to GA Action Alerts to join a community of advocates using their social media for social good. Arriving weekly in your inbox, GA Action Alerts mobilize the online community to challenge bad and celebrate good gender balance at conferences, on lists, and wherever women’s voices should be represented.


3. Reward Good Gender Balance with The GA Stamp of Approval

If we are going to change the equation, we need to celebrate events, individuals, and organizations that get it right. We need your help! When you see a conference, event, or best-of-list that demonstrates a real commitment to inclusion, nominate the organizer for a GA Stamp of Approval

The math is simple. Women overall represent 51% of the population and should comprise 50% of conversations in the public dialogue. One in five people in the U.S. is a woman of color, therefore our target for representation is 20% women of color. 

Criteria for a GA Stamp of Approval include:

Gold Stamp of Approval: 25% women of color overall; 50% women total

Silver Stamp of Approval: 20% women of color overall; 50% women total

Bronze Stamp of Approval: 15% women of color overall; 50% women total

* GenderAvenger affirms that trans women are women.


Being a GenderAvenger is as easy as 1, 2, 3! GenderAvengers are champions of equality and challengers of excuses. They’re individuals that step in when women are shut out of the dialogue, and above all, they stay persistent in holding organizations, leaders, and each other accountable for gender equality. If that sounds like you, let’s get started! Download the GA Tally App and sign up for the GA Action Alerts now.


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