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We are proud to be the Official Equality Partner of Lions Live. Please join us for a series of virtual conversations, exploring the most pressing topics of today through an equality lens. Industry leaders and influencers will be joined by rising stars and diverse talent in the world of marketing — so we can all activate change, together.




View our past sessions:

Tuesday, June 23

11AM – 11:45AM EDT How Creative Ideas Advance Equality
Creative ideas can be a catalyst for positive change. In this panel, creative minds from Facebook offices around the world come together to share how they have been able to transform their passion projects into actual change for their communities and what you can do to get started.

Ashley McGowan, Global Business Equality Lead, Facebook
Julia Rayeb, Creative Lead, LATAM, Facebook
Miriam Faber, Content & Campaigns Lead for Northern Europe, Facebook
Monse Moreno, Global Diversity Brand Strategy Manager, Facebook
Thomas Shim, Creative Strategist, Facebook
Michelle Mitchell, Strategic Communities Program Manager, Media Partnerships, Facebook

Monday, June 29

11AM – 11:45AM EDT How to Be Your Authentic Self in the Workplace 
Inclusive work environments allow all team members to bring their whole selves to work. In this discussion, we talk about how to create and foster inclusive environments. We address the concept of “”covering,”” self-censoring and the pressure to conform felt by certain groups. Attendees will leave the discussion with a playbook for overcoming unconscious (and sometimes conscious) bias to help us all strive to be our authentic selves in the workplace.

Reem Abeidoh, Head of Global GTM, LinkedIn Marketing
Marissa Solis, SVP, Core Brands, Media, Sports & Partnerships, Frito Lay North America, PepsiCo
Laisha Dismuke, Cultural Advisor, The Female Quotient
Maria Cuba, Diversity and Belonging Business Partner, Airbnb
Ariel Johnson Lin, Executive Director, JPMorgan Chase Sports & Entertainment Marketing 

1PM – 1:45PM EDT Think Global, Act Grassroots: How Big Impact Begins Within
So often, we look to leadership as agents of change. But it’s important to remember that we all have the power to create impact. We explore how purpose-driven organizations focus on grassroots initiatives and empower employees at every level.

Aminka Belvitt, Innovation & Equity Specialist
Carolina Vaccaro, Total Rewards Senior Consultant for Mexico and LAC North, SAP
Thamara Ramirez-Walker, Senior Director – Brand Purpose & Experience, Office of the CMO, SAP
Kwena Mabotja, Regional Director – Purpose and Brand Experience, Office of the CMO, SAP
Tyrone Webb, Jr., Head of Global Field Communications, SAP SuccessFactors

Tuesday, June 30

11AM – 11:45AM EDT Curing Two Public Health Crises to Build an Equitable Post-COVID World
The effects of long standing racism, combined with COVID-19, have pushed America to an inflection point. It’s time to address the disparities that have existed for centuries so we can minimize the toll of coronavirus — and prevent it from making inequalities worse. As we fight two public health crises at once and rebuild our world, we explore how leaders and brands can step up to lead us through crisis, toward a future that is brighter for us all.

Menaka Gopinath, President, Ipsos Social Media Exchange
Lindsay Franke, EVP, Creative Excellence, Ipsos
Chris Jackson, VP, Public Affairs, Ipsos
April Jeffries, President, Global Ethnography and Immersion, Ipsos UU

1PM – 1:45PM EDT Brands’ Actions Speak Louder Than Words
It’s easy to put out a statement — but impact happens when those words are backed by concrete actions. In this panel, we hear from companies who aren’t just talking about change, but leading it.

Anna Blue, Chief Next Gen Officer, The Female Quotient
Rosalind Liddell, Paralegal Manager, Verizon Media
Amita Patel, Supervising Producer, Enterprise Video, HuffPost
Ann Rosenberg, SVP for UN Partnerships, SAP

Monday, July 13

10AM – 10:45AM EDT They ask, you answer: What Gen Z wants to know about your brand
Gen Z is leading tremendous change in how brands interact with consumers. From cancel culture to social activism through brand loyalty, this conversation will unpack how brands and marketers are responding to the power of Gen Z, and how they’re making way for Gen Alpha.

Maxine Marcus, USC, CEO of The Ambassadors Company
Dee Poku, Founder & CEO, WIE
Gary J. Nix, Founder & Chief Strategist, The Brandarchist: strategy as a service
Monika Pierce, Inclusion & Diversity Lead, WW

Tuesday, July 14

10AM – 10:45AM EDT The Pursuit of Togetherness: Thinking Beyond Diversity to Inclusivity 
Verna Myers said it best: Diversity is being invited to the party; inclusion is being asked to dance. How can we cultivate a workplace where every single employee feels empowered and included? Industry leaders join us for a thoughtful conversation on moving beyond diversity to inclusion.

Laisha Dismuke, Cultural Advisor, The Female Quotient
Jazmine Noble, Strategic Alliances Development Manager, Braze
Samantha Saperstein, Head of Women on The Move, JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Erica Madrid, Head of Talent Management, Culture and Inclusion, NBCUniversal

1PM – 1:45PM EDT Why Diversity in Ads Is Good For Business
Measuring diversity in advertising is about more than just who appears in your ad —it’s about making diversity and inclusion intrinsic to the creative process. In this discussion, we explore how companies can prioritize diversity from concept to execution.

Shelley Zalis, CEO, The Female Quotient
Maggie Gross, Head of Strategy, Heat New York

Wednesday, July 15

10AM – 10:45AM EDT The Vulnerable Creator
Susan Credle, Global Chief Creative Officer, FCB
Vita Harris, Chief Strategy Officer, FCB

1PM – 1:45PM EDT Lessons in Business Building From Exceptional Black Women Founders
Black women are the fastest-growing segment of entrepreneurs, yet currently receive less than 1% of venture capital funding. Join us for a real conversation with black female founders and industry experts. Learn how we can support women of color entrepreneurs and give their businesses the recognition they deserve.

Ife Babatunde, Partner Agency Lead, LinkedIn
Bea Arthur, LMHC, Founder and CEO, The Difference
Elise Smith, Co-Founder & CEO, Praxis Labs
Esé Ighedosa, President, House of Athlete
Asani Swann, Founder, Business Beyond the Ball, Co-Founder, Creative 7

2PM – 2:45PM EDT Platform for Good: Using a Global Footprint to Empower Communities
In today’s world, brands have a responsibility to use their voice and reach for good – both at the local and global level. Brands can no longer sit on the sidelines, they must get involved to drive positive change in the communities they serve. In this session, participants will discuss how WWE is working to build inclusive communities around the globe – be it through strategic partnerships or grassroots initiatives – as well as the importance of using your voice and platform to make a positive impact.

Sarah Schreiber, Announcer, WWE
Mary Ellen Curran, SVP of Community Relations, WWE
Sonya Deville, WWE Superstar
Mustafa Ali, WWE Superstar

Thursday, July 16

1PM – 1:45PM EDT Inclusion from the Inside Out: How Employee Resource Groups Foster Allyship
To achieve true inclusion — both for their employees, and for the products and services they create — organizations need to look inward and think outward. We explore how to create truly impactful Employee Resource Groups, ones that foster a sense of belonging internally and help the organization better serve the wider world.

Ronda Carnegie, Chief Innovation Officer, The Female Quotient
Elise Birkhofer, Global Lead, Women’s Community and Programs, Google
Phillips Mitchell, Advanced Media Product Specialist , Google
Pamela Alvarez, Account Manager, Food, Beverage and Restaurants, Google 

2PM – 2:45PM EDT Addressing Institutional Racism As Industry Leaders
Now is the time for brands — and the people at their helm — to take meaningful action against racism. This means working internally to foster inclusivity and support the psychological well-being of all their employees, but also expanding the focus outward to society at large. We explore the role industry leaders have to play in addressing institutional racism.

Anna Blue, Chief Next Gen Officer, The Female Quotient
Natalia Espejo, Global Vertical Marketing Lead, Snap Inc.
Courtney Blount, Emerging Marketing Lead, Snap Inc.
Molly Q. Ford, Senior Director, Global Equality Programs, Office of Equality, Salesforce

Monday, July 20

10AM – 10:45AM EDT Creating a Digital Future For All
For the technology sector to reach its full potential, it needs to more fairly reflect the world in which we operate. We explore how the industry’s individuals and organizations can build a digital future that is diverse and inclusive.

Shelley Zalis, CEO, The Female Quotient
Nishita Henry, Chief Innovation Officer, Deloitte US
Joanna Peña-Bickley, Head of Research & Design, Alexa Devices, Amazon

1PM – 1:45PM EDT Gen Z: The New Brand Experts
Gen Z has $44 billion in buying power and makes up nearly 40% of consumer spending – and the youngest ones are in 5th grade. In this conversation we’ll hear directly from a diverse group of Gen Z trendsetters and culture creators, and learn what drives their brand loyalty.

Cayla Foston, Howard University, FQ Next Gen Board of Advisors
Trisha Prabhu, Harvard University, FQ Next Gen Board of Advisors
Rebecca Fairweather, UC Santa Barbara, FQ Next Gen Board of Advisors
Anna Blue, Chief Next Gen Officer, The Female Quotient

Wednesday, August 12

11AM – 11:45AM EDT Financial Liquidity: Making the Best Decisions with Our Money
Join us for a panel conversation with financial experts who will share unplugged advice around financial liquidity. We will discuss ways to prioritize expenses, what to do with your savings in times of crisis, and how we can make the best decisions with our money.

Chrissie Gorman, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, DraftKings Inc.
Hope Taitz, CEO, ELY Capital
Aleksandra Kulmaticki, Executive Director, (The DKM Group) J.P. Morgan Securities

Thursday, August 13

10AM – 10:45AM EDT The Future of Purpose and Brand Activism
Brands with purpose are more important than ever. Covid-19 and Black Lives Matter have brought into sharp focus not only the need for brands to have an authentic purpose but to act with intent on that promise. Please join us for a conversation around the trends we are seeing, how brands are reacting, how can we encourage more brands to lead with heart & soul, and if every brand be an activist brand.

Aline Santos, EVP Global Marketing and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Unilever
Esi Eggleston-Bracey, EVP & COO NA Beauty and Personal Care, Unilever
Molly Kennedy, Dove US Brand Engagement Director, Unilever
Shelley Zalis, CEO, The Female Quotient

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