Girl, Get Off Your Couch: Girl, You Are NOT The Problem!


Girl, Get Off Your Couch: You are NOT the Problem!
Virtual Off-Campus Conversations for the Next Gen



May 26 at 4:30pm ET

Girl, You are NOT the Problem!
Fixing the workplace instead of fixing women. We will talk through the reality of gender equality in the workplace, focusing on the reservations young women have already developed before they even enter the workforce (pay inequality, lack of opportunity, inability to have a career and a family, etc.) and how most diversity programs are designed to “fix” women rather than address the invisible gender barriers that create inequalities in the workplace.

Katrina Craigwell, Head of Employer Brand, JPMorgan Chase
Carlyle Rickenmann, UNC Chapel Hill
Nikita Seth, FQ Student Ambassador, USC
Michelle King, Author, The Fix; Director of Inclusion, Netflix
Anna Blue, Chief Next Gen Officer, The Female Quotient
Jennifer Justice, Founder & CEO of The Justice Dept.


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