Mother Earth Needs Hype Women

Mother Earth Needs Hype Women

Restoring our earth is bigger than a single solution or one country’s initiatives. Achieving a sustainable world requires a global, collective effort — and that begins with each and every one of us. In celebration of Earth Day last week, climate justice warriors across industries gathered in the Equality Lounge® to discuss how we can do good for our businesses, people, and the planet. Find out how we can come together as a global community to make greener choices — and, more importantly, make them quickly.



1) Organize: Looking for a place to get started? Connect with like-minded people who are active in the sustainability space. Most communities have groups dedicated to the climate movement. If you don’t see one in your area, start one yourself!


2) Vote for our planet: If you believe in fighting the climate crisis, it’s important to understand how the candidates we elect (a.k.a. the ones who are voting on climate legislation) also believe in that fight. Examine the climate and environmental platforms of your candidates before heading to the ballot box. Look at their record to find out how they have voted on climate issues in the past. Let’s get behind people who are treating climate change like the crisis it is!


3) Get informed: Learn about plans and policies that can help us tackle climate change. The most ambitious proposal — the Green New Deal, which was re-introduced just last week — calls on the federal government to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions, create high-paying jobs, ensure that clean air, clean water, and healthy food are basic human rights, and end all forms of oppression.


4) Shop smarter: Support companies that don’t just talk about sustainability, but do something about it. Your power as a consumer can be enormously impactful. Before you spend your money, take the time to get informed about a company’s impact on the planet. Examining their supply chain is a great place to start. Pro Tip: Beware of greenwashing.


5) Support: Grassroots organizations can make an enormous impact on global sustainability — but they need your help to do it. If you can, donate to organizations that are fighting the climate crisis in various ways. Remember, there are many ways to donate, from offering financial support to giving your time and voice to a cause.




On the link between environmental and social justice: “It’s often overlooked that a lot of marginalized communities don’t have the income to participate in sustainable purchases. So we need to make sure that sustainability initiatives are available to everyone.” — Nisha Blackwell, Owner and Lead Designer, Knotzland | Watch the full discussion


On the urgent need for inclusive, equitable, and high-quality education: “We need to work collectively together to change the education system so that millions of girls are not left out. The time to act is now.” — Tessy Antony De Nassau, Founder and Director, Finding Butterflies Consulting | Watch the full discussion


On the rise of greener business ecosystems: “If we have any chance of defeating this, we all have to cut emissions. We know exactly where they come from: industrial processes, transportation, food systems. Now, it’s up to us to come together as one to accelerate change.” — Scott Corwin, US Leader, Sustainability & Climate Change, Deloitte | Watch the full discussion



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