Making Progress Permanent

Making Progress Permanent


Last week, we joined Connected Women Leaders and UN Women for a Virtual Equality Lounge® in celebration of the Generation Equality Forum in Paris, the largest global feminist gathering since 1995. Hear from just a few of the powerful women there who are creating a collective force for problem-solving and positive change!




1. On building a global collective for change: “At last, a new world beckons. You, me, all of us together are called to usher it in. You may stumble. I may fall. But, if we stand side by side, we will rise to this task as one. I count on you.” — Hafsat Abiola, Co-Founder, Connected Women Leaders | | Watch the full discussion


2. On achieving co-impact: “There is no one single silver bullet for achieving gender equality. The root causes are different and deeply ingrained in our policies and norms. No single organization can achieve it on its own.” — Dr. Geeta Rao Gupta, Senior Advisor, Co-Impact and Senior Fellow, UN Foundation | Watch the full discussion


3. On championing women leaders: “The work women do rarely have the amplification that it requires. If their stories are told, they’re often told in a biased manner. Women leading should not be an exception, but the rule.” — Scheaffer Okore, Director of Policy and Advocacy, Women Political Leaders  | Watch the full discussion


4. On moving millions for a gender-equal world: “To effectively support women as agents of change, we must invest in our own learning and take meaning from our collective experiences.” — Sarah Haacke Byrd, Executive Director, Women Moving Millions | Watch the full discussion


5. On committing for equal: “With the UN, we have six action coalitions for Generation Equality to driving gender equality. And, while each action coalition must be distinct, it’s important that they are interconnected and intersectional.” — Stephanie Oula, Director of Generation Equality Engagement, United Nations Foundation | Watch the full discussion


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