Work-Life Balance Is A Myth: How To Make Time For What Matters Most

There are only 24 hours in a day, and you can’t do it all every day. The game is finding ways to do what is most important to you on most days. You have one life with many dimensions, and you must find ways to integrate your work and your life in order to be the best worker, partner, friend, mother and self. Shelley Zalis, CEO, The Female Quotient, shares how she does it.

  1. Double Up To Maximize Your Time. “If friends and exercise are also dimensions for you at a life stage where work and family are taking priority, you might combine two dimensions into one by inviting friends over to workout or taking a SoulCycle class together. For me, my personal and work friendships have always been an important life dimension. I’ve found ways to prioritize this dimension, and I believe it is one of the keys to my success.”
  2. Have A “No-Regrets” Policy. “I never wanted to look back and say that I should have or could have done something differently. I realized early on in my career that no one at work would remember if I stayed late for a project, but my kids would remember if I missed something important to them. That no-regret policy became my North Star.”
  3. Outsource Where You Can. “Outsourcing where you can and where you can afford lets you focus more on your most important life dimension. You really don’t need to do it all, but it’s essential to your wellbeing and overall success to fit in what matters the most to you.”