5 Female Artists Changing The Game at Art Basel

Inside the Girls' Lounge at Art Basel.

Inside the Girls’ Lounge at Art Basel.

“We’re adding an A into STEM, because art and creativity is the heart of all innovation,” says Alicia Hatch, CMO, Deloitte Digital, when explaining why it is important to add an “A” to STEM. We saw this firsthand in The Girls’ Lounge @ Art Basel Miami Beach, where The Female Quotient joined together with SAP Next-Gen, Deloitte Digital, The Feminist Institute, and Code/Art to celebrate women creators, advance equality, and add female artists to the equation across industries.
Throughout history, female artists have been underrepresented and undervalued, and that’s why raising their visibility is so important. “As long as women are in the room, I will make sure that women have a voice equal to men,” says Ann Rosenberg, SVP & Global Head of SAP Next-Gen.
Here are five women to watch from Art Basel who are making a statement and moving the needle of the art market to include diverse female artists.
Female artists showcased their work in the Girls' Lounge.

Female artists showcased their work in the Girls’ Lounge.

Judith Bernstein is a New York-based artist known for her drawings and paintings, influenced by her feminist and anti-war activism.  She celebrates the work of The Feminist Institute, and highlights how important it is that “the work of feminist artists are starting to be archived, digitalized, shown and available to all in a serious way.”
Mickalene Thomas is a contemporary visual artist and painter. Her work examines femininity, beauty, race, sexuality, and gender.I want to reiterate that feminism is a collaborative effort, and within feminism we have to diversify. Let’s keep supporting each other,” says Mickalene.
Gina Adams is a cross-media artist based in Colorado. Her work intimately addresses heritage and history with storytelling and ritual. “I believe in social change,” says Gina. “In indigenous communities, women take care of everybody. We are a matriarchal society.”
Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen is a Danish and Filipino video and performance artist who explores socio-cultural relationships. Her advice to all women and all men is: “Go for your goals, and don’t hold back.”
Robin F. Williams is a contemporary painter based in Brooklyn, New York. Her work examines identity, childhood and gender, as well as fashion-magazine advertising.
Giving female artists a space to connect, collaborate and activate change together is an important action step for advancing equality. “The women here are being acknowledged. It has only just begun,” says Judith.
Watch a video of the Girls’ Lounge @ Art Basel here.
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