Be Bold. FQ Lounge @ ANA Masters. 2019.

Top Leaders on How to Practice What You Preach

Leaders in the FQ Lounge @ ANA Masters of Marketing 2019

With consumers increasingly demanding that companies take a stand on social issues, how can brands achieve sustainable growth? Equal representation! Research shows that 75% of consumers feel more positively toward companies whose advertising demonstrates that men and women have the same capabilities and roles. If you can see her, you can be her. Read on for top insights from industry leaders in the FQ Lounge @ ANA Masters of Marketing


“Don’t ask someone to do everything. We don’t need the perfect person for every position. They don’t need to check all 10 boxes. It’s helped us to bring in diverse skill sets.”

Marcy Q. Samet, Global Chief Marketing Officer, MRM//McCann


“We report diversity statistics quarterly. We know exactly where we are on a diversity basis, which allows us to set targets and make progress.”

Julie Eddleman, Global Client Partner, Google


“I’ve been spending time examining bias from a more academic perspective, rather than from personal experience. It can be shocking when you look back at reviews you might’ve written or how you might’ve unintentionally behaved towards people you interviewed. We naturally react more positively to people who are like us. It’s a basic human bias that we all have. If we learn how to catch ourselves in the act, we can check our biases at the door. 

Jo McKinney, CEO, Burns Group


“People have worked in our company longer than some team members have been alive. Driving change with people who have never worked anywhere else takes time. It starts with having a diverse group of leaders in place.”

Dan Levi, EVP, Chief Marketing Officer, Clear Channel Outdoor


“We make sure that not just one person is interviewing a candidate, but that we have a diverse group of people who are interviewing that person.

Kimberly McNeil-Downs, Leader, Green Dot Agency


“Why have seven people who look the same and think the same doing the same job? I only need one of those people. We need a diversity of skill sets.”

Danny Robinson, Chief Client Officer, The Martin Agency


“I truly believe that you have to love the life you live and extend that philosophy to every individual in the workplace. We all have something to contribute. You just need to look for the rainbow scale in each person. Each of us has one. If you find it, life is good.” 

Matt Weiss, President of Strategic Growth, Huge


“If I think of my career as a chessboard, I always wanted to be the queen because she could move in any direction, as many squares as she wanted…Recently, we’ve started interviewing people without telling them they’re interviewing for a specific job or department. We interview people for fit. We need people who can think outside of the box. I don’t want them to be limited by a job title.”

Kristen Cavallo, CEO, Martin Agency 


“If you want women to return from maternity leave and be able to really dig in, encourage the men on your team to also take equal leave so it becomes about dual parenting.”

Alia Lamborghini, VP, Travel and Disruption, Verizon Media 


“Authenticity can’t be faked—there’s no way to go wrong if you show up as yourself.”

Amelia Dunlop, US Customer Strategy & Applied Design Leader, Deloitte Consulting, LLP 


“Consumers are holding companies accountable, especially in the current political climate. We are in a time now where you will be called out virally and there will be quick business ramifications. I believe it’s all of our responsibility to leave the world better than we found it. It’s on all of us to truly take that to heart and do it.”

Husani Oakley, EVP, Director of Technology and Innovation, Deutsch


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