Three Stress-Relieving Tips Everyone Should Try

Many of us are spending a lot more time at home to slow the spread of the coronavirus and keep our communities healthy. If you’re stuck inside practicing social distancing — first: thank you for helping to flatten the curve; second: remember that we’re all in this together!

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In the spirit of community, we tapped into the FQ Pack and asked them to share their best health and wellness advice for navigating unchartered territory. Here’s what they had to say:

Move your body as often as possible. Try to exercise on a regular basis — be it cardio, dance, yoga, or walking. If you don’t have workout equipment at home, no problem. DaLette Anderson, Fitness Expert and Celebrity Trainer, says, “Feel free to use hand and/or ankle weights. If you don’t have hand weights, canned food or bottled water work just as well!” Any activity keeps you energized so just pick one that you enjoy. Pro-tip: Find new music. A good playlist can inspire you, motivate you, and relieve your mind of stress.

Eat mood and immunity-boosting foods. Karin Adoni, Nutritionist, Health Coach and CEO of Clean Diet by Karin, reveals which foods to fuel up on — and which to skip — so you can keep your stress levels under control. “Increasing your intake of Vitamin C and probiotics can help boost your immune system so make sure you’re getting enough of both.” Bottom line: Nutrition is key to keeping your body and immune system strong and preventing stress-eating.

Take a mindset moment. Dr. John Amaral, Founder of Body-Centered Leadership, shares how we can maintain a sense of calm in the midst of global intensity: “Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. It will help slow everything down in your mind so you can do a full-body scan from top to bottom and assess how you truly feel…Those of us who can shift our mindsets out of panic mode and stay grounded will be the most resourceful and capable of leading through times of high instability.” Simply put, that extra boost of oxygen you get from focusing on breathing does wonders for the body and mind. 

Community is important at any time, but taking care of ourselves and others matters even more in times of uncertainty. Just because we may not be physically together doesn’t mean that we have to feel isolated. So, let’s stay connected — virtually, of course.

Every Monday through Thursday, the Female Quotient is hosting our new Mindset Moments series, 15-minute virtual sessions featuring health and wellness experts. Please join us by RSVPing here! You can also tune into our virtual workout classes, which focus on uplifting strength training to tone and sculpt the entire body. These classes promote positive energy and include stretching, yoga principles, pilates, and strength training techniques. 


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