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The FQ Equality News 7.26.19

Like the USWNT, we all need to band together to demand equality from corporations and our lawmakers. One way to close the gender pay gap is to put pressure on companies. Another way is to vote in favor of women’s economic empowerment. All our voices matter. Here’s a recap of women who are ruling the headlines this week.


Making all-male boards a thing of the past. We’re pleased to announce that there are officially no longer any all-male boards among S&P 500 companies. As of this week, the last company in the index without any female directors, Copart Inc., appointed CyrusOne CFO Diane Morefield to its board.
We need to keep up this momentum. At the current rate of progress, the number of women and minorities on Fortune 100 and 500 boards could increase to 40% by the year 2024. This target is especially urgent when in tech, given the growing concern over A.I. and its impact on women’s safety. As studies show, women are more likely to be appointed CEO when boards are more gender-balanced.

Source: Bloomberg


Women of the Global 500. Unlike the S&P 500, Fortune 500 companies still have many all-male boards. In addition, both lists show that women remain severely underrepresented in the C-suites of major corporations. In the latest Fortune 500 list, there are more women CEOs than ever before. A total of 33 companies in the ranking of highest-grossing firms in the U.S. will be led by female CEOs. To be clear, that number is still just 33. The sum represents a disproportionately small share of the group as a whole (only 6.6%). Nonetheless, it marks a significant jump from last year’s total of 24 (4.8%).

Unfortunately, when we look at the rest of the world at large, the problem only gets worse. Fortune just released its annual Global 500. The list reveals that women currently lead 14 of the 500 companies (which is just 2.8%). On the bright side, the count is up from 12 last year.

Source: Fortune


Examining the “glass ceiling” analogy. When Hillary Clinton ran for president, she repeatedly used the proverbial “glass ceiling” to conjure up a visual metaphor of the barriers women face. But today’s wave of female presidential candidates is avoiding that phrase. Instead, they’re using their own language. “Persist,” “Shake the table,” and “Break things” are a few of the terms they’re saying to invoke the idea of breaking barriers.

The sheer number of women running in the 2020 race is record-breaking. And the diversity of the candidates (Black, Latina, Muslim, Asian, Jewish) is unprecedented. If elected, their various life experiences could influence policy and lead to even bigger breakthroughs for women.

Source: New York Times


Dressing veterans on their wedding day. Research shows that there is a disproportionate ratio of men to women in military active duty (1/6). However, this year, 34 women graduated from West Point, the U.S. Military Academy, in the most diverse class ever.

More uplifting news on the military front: The renowned designer Vera Wang is offering her VIP bridal experience as part of a special new partnership with Brides Across America, a national nonprofit organization that honors veterans by gifting weddings and wedding attire to military and first responder couples.

Source: Vogue


Don’t ask for permission; claim what you deserve. HBO didn’t put Gwendoline Christie, Brienne of Tarth from “Game of Thrones,” up for an Emmy nomination so she nominated herself—and then won. More women winning in Hollywood right now: It was announced this week that Natalie Portman’s character Jane Foster will be taking on the superhero role of Thor, a symbol of women’s strength and power on the big screen.

Source: Vanity Fair


The FQ Buzz. We all know money is power. With the 2020 presidential elections and the second Democratic presidential debates in Detroit around the corner, each of us can cast our vote in support of policies that drive economic equality. Don’t miss this Forbes article by our CEO, Shelley Zalis, to learn more about the hidden economic issues impact women.


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