The FQ Equality News 4.12.19

In this week’s news roundup, discover how measuring employee well being helps the bottom line, why the whisper network may help close the wage gap, and what it takes to be an inclusive leader.

Computer scientist Dr. Katie Bouman behind the first black hole image. The 29-year old did what was previously thought impossible: Capturing a photo of a black hole. Dr. Bouman created an algorithm that helped a network of eight telescopes capture the image.
Source: The BBC

Dads may experience as much work-life conflict as moms A study revealed that while 80% to 90% of millennial dads wanted career advancement, only 4% strongly agreed that they’d be willing to sacrifice personal and family time to achieve it. Some fathers are “ruthlessly compartmentalizing” in order to be present for the most important things at work and home.
Source: HBR

How a “whisper network” may help combat the wage gap. Some research shows that women who demand equal pay face backlash. More women are meeting in private to reveal their salaries in order to help others know their value.
Source: Glamour

 The six traits of an inclusive leader. Diverse teams have been shown to be more innovative, but simply bringing diverse people together isn’t enough. Inclusive leadership is also needed to make sure all voices are being heard and teams are inspired. Research finds the six traits of an inclusive leader are visible commitment, humility, awareness of bias, curiosity about others, cultural intelligence, and effective collaboration.
Source: HBR

The call for a more inclusive Hollywood. From Black Panther to Crazy Rich Asians, films with diverse casts are proving to be big box office hits around the globe, leading theater owners at the National Association of Theatre Owners’ annual CinemaCon in Las Vegas to say they want more diversity in the films being created.
Source: CNBC

Measuring employee well-being can help the bottom line. If your company supports people in the experiences that matter most, you’re going to have a big advantage when it comes to attracting and retaining top talent. The Thrive XM Index, developed by Thrive Global and SAP + Qualtrics, is using hard data to define and measure the people experience.
Source: Fortune

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