The FQ Equality News 3.22.19

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In this week’s roundup, we’re celebrating Women’s History Month, talking about what it will take to pass the Equal Rights Amendment, shining a spotlight on a female founder who reached unicorn status while 9 months pregnant, and more. Have a restful weekend and don’t forget to take time for you!
How AR is putting women back in history books Women’s stories are often left out of history, but an AR app is changing that just in time for Women’s History Month. “Lessons in Herstory” lets you scan images of men in history textbooks to unlock historical women from the same time period.
Source: Fast Company
We need just one more state to pass the Equal Rights Amendment It may be hard to believe that in 2020, women still don’t have equal rights under the law. The ERA was introduced by suffragists in 1923 at the Women’s Convention in Seneca Falls, NY, and has yet to be passed by the two-thirds of states needed to ratify it. “With the ERA, there would be this added (and very powerful) layer of protection: not just state or federal law, but an explicit, inarguable, statement that discrimination on the basis of sex is a violation of constitutional rights.”
Source: Refinery29
First All-Female Spacewalk A giant step in the right direction for women in STEAM: On March 29th, NASA astronauts Anne McClain and Christina Koch will be part of the first all-female crew to do a spacewalk. Space walks are done to test equipment, do experiments, fix satellites and more.
Source: CNN
U.S. not in top 60 nations for equality for working women Women around the world get only three-quarters the legal rights given to men, according to Axios. While 35 countries have introduced laws protecting women from sexual harassment in the workplace and 33 nations have implemented paid paternity leave, the U.S. is not among them. Greater protection under the law equals more women in the workforce and greater pay equity, so it’s time for the US to step it up.
Source: Axios 
Banner week for women founders Two female-led companies scored unicorn status this week when their valuation hit $1 billion or more. Rent the Runway Founder Jennifer Hyman hit unicorn status this month while nine months pregnant, and Emily Weiss’ makeup company Glossier’s did the same. They are two of only 20 women leading private U.S. companies valued at $1 billion or more.
Source: Fortune
Flipping the balance on boards The California law that requires at least one woman to be on companies’ board of directors by the end of this year—and three women by the end of 2021—could be enough to tip the balance of women on boards across the country. If every state were to adopt the law, it could boost the number of women on boards across the country by 75%.
Source: Bloomberg
The FQ Buzz: Don’t miss this InStyle story, where Katie Couric sat down with Shelley Zalis, CEO of The Female Quotient and co-founder of the #SeeHer movement, to talk about how to increase the accurate portrayal of women and girls in media and advertisements.
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