Take Five: Driving Diversity & Equality At New York Fashion Week Fall 2018

New York Fashion Week is making strides towards greater inclusivity: in 2018, pregnant models rocking the runway, Prabal Gurung’s models held white roses in a show of support of the Time’s Up movement, and racial diversity on the catwalk hit an all-time high. Yet the fashion industry in general has a long way to go: despite the fact that the industry is largely made up of women, only 14% of major fashion brands are headed by females.
In an effort to help drive equality at the event—and in the fashion industry at large—The Girls’ Lounge set up shop at LeBoard during NYFW to create a space for women (and men) to network, collaborate, and have candid conversations about how to create real change. LeBoard is a fashion house and curator that gathers and promotes the products of women-led businesses, all under one roof. “We were focused on creating a space where people can come together and find ways to get inspired,” says Sofia Karvela, Creative Director at LeBoard.
Here are five pieces of advice heard inside the lounge on how to find your confidence, achieve your goals, and include men in the equality conversation.
FeMENism Must Include Men: Change Only Happens When We Work Together
“We need to have a cultural shift, and if men are not on board, it’s not going to happen.” ~Lisa Salzer-Wiles, Designer and Founder, LuLu Frost, a fine and costume jewelry brand
It’s Not How You Look On The Outside; It’s How You Feel On The Inside
“The most important thing about confidence is that confidence is always in style.” ~Shelley Zalis, CEO, The Female Quotient
Going After A Dream Means Facing Obstacles; Never Give Up
“Confidence comes from my ability to deal with change and adversity.” ~Amanda Needleman, Senior Account Executive, Style.me, a 3D virtual fitting room for online shoppers

Woman wearing a "Voice for Change" Talkin' Tee from The Female Quotient's Confidence Collection

Talkin’ Tee’s let you unlock equality messages and proceeds go to nonprofits that support women.

Find Your Passion And Make It Happen
“Confidence comes from knowing that this is exactly what I want to do in life, and I would never have gotten here if I had not just started the business a few days after I had the idea.” ~Soraya Khineche, Owner, DEPARTURE, a travel-inspired clothing line
Don’t Wait For Things To Be Perfect To Go For It
“Just start, and you’ll learn along the way.” ~Alyssa Amoroso, Founder, @Publissity, a lifestyle blog
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