Take 5: How To Succeed in Work & Life

We say, when you want to know something: ask her. The best advice comes from a lot of different people with real-life experiences. We asked thought leaders in the Girls’ Lounge @ Groceryshop how to thrive—both in the office and beyond. From applying for a stretch position to launching your own business to balancing your professional and personal lives, here are bite-sized pieces of advice from women who have been there, done that.
On finding balance…
You have one life with many dimensions. You can’t do it all, but you can do it all your way. “You have to know that [work and personal life] is a trade-off, and you have to set boundaries for yourself and communicate them.”
– Michele A. McNamara, Vice President, eCommerce, Chobani

On embracing failure to succeed…
If you aren’t ever failing, you probably aren’t trying. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, because innovation comes from trying new things. “Advice when starting your own company: Be genuine to who you are. Test, iterate, fail fast and keep testing.”
– Daphne Carmeli, Founder and CEO, Deliv
On throwing your hat into the ring…
Even if you don’t feel 100% qualified for a position, just go for it if it is a role you want. Know that you’ll learn on the job, and, if you get it, you’ll also pave the way for others to rise up. “A job will be posted, and if a male has two out of 10 qualifications, he’ll apply. If a woman has four out of 10, she won’t. We want to help women seek advancement opportunities so there is more diversity in thought leadership.”
– Julie Whittle, Director of Digital Merchandising, 7-Eleven

On connecting with others…
Conversations create change—and oftentimes, just taking the time to have a thoughtful, honest discussion can be the number one driver of success.“Some of the most productive opportunities come out of discussions. We talk about the problems we’re having. It is a judgement free zone. We discuss where women are not getting opportunities, being able to be very blunt about what needs to be done.”
– Emily Kaplan, Director, Digital Strategy, Church & Dwight
On embracing technology…
Different technologies are revolutionizing the workplace. The key to leveraging these opportunities is to not be afraid to try them, and see what works for you. “There is such rapid growth, that you don’t want to be left behind. If you’re waiting because you’re scared to test the waters, you’re going to be left behind by 2025. Don’t be afraid to fail, test everything, figure it out as you go.”
– Dana Padula, Regional Vice President, Sales, Criteo

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