I Am The Future: Women, Tech & Equality

It’s no secret that in order to create a more equal world, we need more women in tech. The global gender gap in STEM stands at 47%, according to the World Economic Forum. That’s why we brought The FQ Lounge, our Home of Equality, to MWC Barcelona, a meeting place for the international technology community. Executives across the industry shared their thoughts on how diversity is a key component to innovation and success, and what the next generation can do to level the playing field. You can watch the full panels on The Female Quotient Facebook page, and read on for some of the best bites of advice we received.

The Women4Tech Equality Tour at MWC Barcelona

The Women4Tech Equality Tour at MWC Barcelona

The future is feminine.

“I am hoping that in the future we don’t have to qualify that I am a female technologist.”

~Mitra Best, Lead Principal, Strategic Innovation and Technology, PwC, on making women in tech the new norm.
Embrace disruption in order to lead.

“As a leader of tomorrow, you need to understand the future is changing.”

~Ann RosenbergSVP and Global Head, SAP Next-Gen, on the necessary attitude to have for successful leadership.
Being yourself is key to your success.

“Innovation requires diversity of thought and perspective. [Create] value through diversity. Be yourself. Be different.

~Jennie Blumenthal, Partner at PwC, on why it is beneficial for business when you are your authentic self.
Empower people on every level.

“At every single level of an organization, everyone should feel empowered to make an impact and have responsibility.

~Kelly Liang, Senior Vice President, Partnerships at Verizon Media, on how to create a company that people care about.
Being a better listener will advance parity.

“Equality is all about access. It’s important to hear everyone and understand.

~Dan Hays, Principal, PwC US, on the means to put equality into effect within an organization.
Take charge and take initiative.

“I am the future, but you can call me Laia. Don’t expect anything from anyone. Do it yourself.

~Laia Montero Gándara, telecommunication student, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, on how to have confidence in the future you want.
Listen to young voices.

“We have huge opportunity in the future as long as we listen to the youth.

~Cynthia English, Founder and CEO, Global Scribes Youth Uniting Nations®, on where to seek the right insight for the future.
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