The FQ Download: The FQ Lounge Coming To a College Campus Near You


The Girls' Lounge @ Campus at University of Southern California.

The FQ Lounge @ Campus at University of Southern California.

Leadership is not about age, it’s about action. We launched the FQ Lounge @ Campus in partnership with SAP Next-Gen to give young women the tools they need to create real change. The FQ Lounge @ Campus is a global leadership program designed to cultivate the next generation of female entrepreneurs, executives and innovators in more than 122 countries. The goal is to empower women to find their voice and fill the pipeline with the best talent by connecting college women with entry-level positions.
We believe in the power of the pack, and the FQ Lounge @ Campus will offer young women a community in which they can collaborate and connect, setting a strong foundation for them to thrive in their future careers and create meaningful change in the workplace.  The FQ Lounge @ Campus may offer career coaching, interview training, professional headshots and relationship-building, in addition to direct access to entry level jobs through a recruiting pipeline. College women will also hear from business leaders at speaker sessions and have access to professional development and advice.

The FQ Lounge @ Campus at New York University.

From the University of Cape Town in South Africa to the University of Southern California and New York University, the FQ Lounge @ Campus is rolling out around the globe and changing the game for young women.
Looking to prepare for a career in business leadership, marketing, social media and experiential events? Become a President of the FQ Lounge @ Campus at your school. We’re looking for campus leaders responsible for driving growth and engagement through programming, partnerships and community. We’ll help you to build your resume, network and ultimately land your first job. Join our Virtual Board Meeting to learn about how you set up a Girls’ Lounge on campus to be part of the movement and be part of the change. You can register here.  If you’re interested in bringing a FQ Lounge to your campus, please contact heather@thefq.com.
College students aren’t the next generation, they’re the NOW generation. Change will only happen if people of all ages, levels and backgrounds work together to advance equality. The Female Quotient and SAP Next-Gen are helping the new generation of leaders to stand up, stand out and stand together in order to create the world we want.