Art & Equality: Bringing Visibility To Female Artists

Visibility matters, because if you can see her, you can be her. Art by female creators amplifies women’s experiences and gives our stories a home in culture and history.
That’s why The Female Quotient partnered with SAP Next-Gen, Deloitte, and The Feminist Institute, to bring The Girls’ Lounge to Art Basel Miami Beach, one of the most prominent art festivals in the world. It was the largest equality event of the week, providing a space for female artists and cultural leaders to connect and celebrate women in the arts.

Michele Cred, Shelley Zalis, Alicia Hatch, Ann Rosenberg, and Judy Bernstein in The Girls’ Lounge @ Art Basel

Over 400 guests joined the Girls’ Lounge at the Soho Beach House in Miami to celebrate female artists. “Women artists have been under-appreciated, undersold, under-represented and just plain undervalued throughout history,” says Kathy Landy, founder and president of The Feminist Institute, an online repository of the lives and works of feminists. “It’s time to stop all these ‘unders.’ Much work needs to be done to recognize the incredible and brave contributions of our female leaders.”
One way to start? “Please continue to support female artists—new and established—with your time and with your attention for their purchases, because feminism is collaborative,” says Kathy.
Madeleine Albright famously said, “There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.” The Female Quotient CEO Shelley Zalis gives it a positive spin by saying, “Women who support other women deserve a place in heaven.”
Women-led organizations coming together to support the Girls’ Lounge @ Art Basel Miami Beach also include Code/Art, a Miami-based non-profit that inspires girls in grades 4 through 12 to get into STEAM, showing them the creative possibilities of art in coding.
When you put women into any equation, the equation gets better. At Art Basel Miami Beach this year, women’s creativity is taking center stage. Between Mikka Rottenberg’s solo show to Allison Zuckerman’s residence and Abigail DeVille’s sculptures—it’s clear that women are making their mark in the art world.
Inside the lounge, many female artists were guests of honor, including Judith Bernstein, Judy Chicago, Maria Foerlev, Michele Pred, Natalie Frank, Robin F. Williams, Mickalene Thomas, Gina Adams, and Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen. They shared their art and their stories.
Let’s continue to amplify the art and voices of women. A woman alone has power; collectively we have impact. Here are some wise words to leave you with from Maura Riley of The Feminist Institute: “We can make a difference in the art world, but together is the way we have to do it.”