In Her Words: The Future of Digital Marketing

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In Her Words: The Future of Digital Marketing

Nothing about this year turned out the way we thought, amirite? However, there are several silver linings, specifically as it relates to the world of digital marketing. Below are a few that you can apply to your own marketing efforts — both today and heading into 2021.

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Re-think Your Brand

When times are tough and the phone isn’t ringing as much as we’d all like, it’s a great time to revert to planning mode and re-frame how you think about your brand. Whether it’s messaging, positioning, targeting, or the look and feel of your logo, it’s a great time to re-calibrate so that, when things open up again, you can move forward with a press-worthy moment, built with real-time feedback and data.

One way to start this process is with an audience survey. I’m particular to Typeform because it can be easily branded. But, whatever platform you decide to use, you should always start by asking your existing audience for their direct opinion. Marketing questions that are both open and closed-ended are a great place to begin the re-branding process. Try asking simple questions like, “Do you like our logo and why?,” “What do you think our company does?” or, “On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you feel it’s time for a brand facelift?” By asking these types of questions, you might find that you don’t even need to re-brand at all and, therefore, should dive deeper into a different area. Perhaps, you might realize that you need to focus on content development in order to drive traffic and build your audience for tomorrow.


Content is Still Queen…for a Day

We know that it takes a minimum of 2 pieces of content per week to organically drive SEO traffic to a website. Most companies find content development overwhelming, but there is a simple and efficient way that you can develop and execute consistent content marketing.

The starting point is understanding that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world second only to Google. That’s why so many marketers encourage brands to create vlogs, but oftentimes fail to explain the reason behind the suggestion. The other important note is that you can create a volume of content in 1 day that can be used for a brand’s entire quarter. Don’t tell me you don’t have time to do that. In fact, if you go to our EMB Vlog, you’ll see that we walk our own talk. We use the Google Keyword Planner as a first step in developing 104 topics that you can then use as the foundation for what you shoot. You’ll notice that I change my hair makeup and clothes every few videos, but that’s just movie magic. It’s all still shot in 1 day so that my editing team can then go back and edit, add graphic overlays, lower thirds, etc., to ensure a polished final product.

The other essential and valuable note is you’ll see that the video content is then translated into written content. That means we are organically tapping into the 2 largest search engines in the world and that’s pre-ad spend. The exciting thing is that post video, when we translate to written content, we can still add in some of the keywords that might have been missed in the video. Then, turning on a few ad dollars through content aggregation platforms like Outbrain or Taboola can boost your traffic exponentially.


Content Multitasking Tirade

Ok, so now you’ve re-branded based on your existing audience feedback. You’ve built out amazing content that lives on your site through the YouTube integration. You’ve translated to play nice to Google. And, you’ve started testing ads to exponentially drive traffic that you will be converting to your database so that, when the world re-opens, you’ve built a cache of potential clients. But, it doesn’t have to stop there.

You can continue using all of these efforts across other channels like social media and e-mail marketing. For example, if you’ve developed 3-5 content pillars that you’re filming, try creating tiles for social that are color-coded so that people who are new to the brand can start to get familiar with what type of content to expect. If your tiles are purple when you’re talking about press but red when you’re talking about sales, your audience will start to recognize your brand and follow along accordingly. Similarly, you can (and should) be looking at the back-end of your website to find out what vlogs are getting the most traffic. You can then integrate those into your email newsletters to close the content circle and create a holistic marketing universe for your audience.

The big takeaway is that now is not a time for ostrich-ing (i.e., sticking your head in the sand and pretending like this shit isn’t happening). Now is the time for planning and action so that when things turn around (which we know they will, based on historical data), you will have elevated your brand and be set up for massive success.

Finally, it’s all about differentiation. One of the ways we are differentiating ourselves is by offering free 30-minute consults in exchange for a donation to one of three chosen charities. That’s how we are supporting you and our community as a whole. Please reach out if you’re ready to get elevated!


Laurel MintzAbout Laurel Mintz: With a J.D/M.B.A from Rutgers University, Laurel’s background has uniquely prepared her to run a successful agency. Inspired by the innovative consulting work she executed early in her career with prestigious brands like Le Bec Fin, Public House Restaurant Group, Bassett Furniture, and Julie Hewett Cosmetics, Laurel knew she wanted to play bigger. A decade later, Laurel has created an agency family serving both startups and blue chip global brands like Facebook, Verizon Digital Media Group, PAW Patrol, and Zendesk. Laurel’s favorite saying is FIOGID. Figure it out, get it done. And, that’s exactly what’s brought the agency top talent and accolades since 2009.

In addition, Laurel sits on the Board of Directors for NFTE (Network for Teaching Leadership), the Women Founders Network, and the UCLA Restaurant Conference. She is a mentor for The Women’s Global Leaders Initiative and advises LAVA (Los Angeles Venture  Association). Laurel wrote a weekly Inc. Magazine column appropriately entitled “On Brand” for three years. Her published work can be found in Entrepreneur, USA Today, The American Marketing Association, and C-Suite Quarterly Magazine. Laurel and the agency have recently won the W3 Silver Award for the PAW Patrol Road Patrol Campaign, the 2017 Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation Award, the LABJ Women in  Business Award, Comerica, and LA Lakers Women’s Business Award, amongst others. When she’s not wowing clients with amazing creative, you can find Laurel with her husband, cuddling their furry kids, Miso and Twizzler, or testing out a new recipe in the kitchen (always with a good glass of wine, of course).




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