How Will You Choose To Challenge?

How Will You Choose To Challenge?

As we look to build an equal future, we ask you to #ChooseToChallenge — not just on International Women’s Day, but every day. Challenge the way things have always been done. Challenge systemic inequalities. Challenge everyday biases. Become part of the change.


It’s 2021 and, according to recent figures, we are far from living in an equal and inclusive world. Consider this:

  • Women lead only 10 of 195 countries and represent just 25% of Parliaments worldwide.
  • Only 8% of Fortune 500 Companies are run by women. Women hold just 17% of board seats worldwide. Only 1% of C suite leaders are Black women.
  • Because of COVID-19 and the caregiving burden, women are experiencing physical symptoms of stress and burnout at up to 2x the rate of men. As a result, 1 in 4 women is considering downshifting or leaving the workforce altogether.
  • Globally, women are paid 23% less. Women’s job loss rate due to COVID-19 is 80% higher than men’s.

Within the Equality Lounge®, inspirational leaders joined us for catalyzing conversations on tackling the SHEcession, leveraging technology for a more equitable future, the reinvention of the workplace, and more. Scroll down for highlights from your favorite experts and leaders, plus many new faces, on how to take action for a gender-equal future.



1) Call Out Microaggressions: If you see a woman struggling to make her voice heard in a conversation, tell the rest of the group that you’d like to hear other points of view. We all bring something valuable to the table. So, let’s all agree to make our teams more effective by giving everyone space to contribute. “It’s important to go beyond the transaction moments of virtual work and give each other grace. We have to go overboard to create comfort that happens more naturally in-person.”—Emily Anadu, Head of Commerce Marketing, Verizon Media Watch the full discussion


2) Amplify the Accomplishments of Women: It’s called Shine Theory, which follows the simple premise that “I don’t shine if you don’t shine.” And, it helps everyone win. “One of our key mantras? Instead of fighting for a seat at the table, let’s build a bigger table.” —Shachar Scott, Vice President Global Marketing, Bumble Watch the full discussion


3) Mentor and Sponsor Women: If you’re more senior, go beyond offering advice and use your influence to advocate for others. Sponsorship is a great way for women leaders to pay it forward and help other women. Remember: A moment of mentorship can lead to a lifetime of impact. “Mentoring along the way is so important. From late-stage to early-stage, that’s what is needed to support women through their careers.” – Darcy MacClaren, SAP Watch the full discussion


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