Say Goodbye To Summer Scaries

Say Goodbye To Summer Scaries


Did you know that 76% of people believe that advertising has the power to shape how we see each other? Another 63% say that they don’t see themselves represented in most advertising. Representation has an undeniable impact on the global perception of underrepresented groups such as women, people of color, and people with disabilities. It’s vital that businesses in every sector prioritize diverse representation. Together, we have the power to shift perceptions, challenge biases, and provide positive role models for young women that will drive change for generations to come.


1. When advertisements positively portray women, there is an increased likelihood of a positive impact on long-term Brand Relationship as well as short-term behavior change.

2. The role and portrayal of women in advertising can influence attitudes towards the evaluation of an ad.

3. There are category-specific lessons to be learned about positive female portrayal in advertising.


Women control over $31.8 trillion in worldwide spending, meaning advertisements must speak to women and present them in a positive and respectful manner. Yet, 51% of US adults agree that advertisements and commercials often keep men and women in their traditional gender roles


Ads with high Gender Equality Measure® (GEM®) are 20% more likely to score high on Choice Impact having an effect with male and female consumers at the point of purchase. GEM® is the first data-driven methodology to identify gender bias in media.


Women purchase over 50% of traditional male products including automobiles, home improvement products, and consumer electronics. The Heineken ad “Cheers to all” is a great example of how the beer category can begin to break down engrained social norms around gender. See Nike’s “What are girls made of?” campaign for another example.


Dove increased its sales by 62% since launching its Real Beauty campaign in 2004. The brand has been messaging to girls for years that true beauty comes from within and to love their body image as everyone is beautiful in their own way. This reinforces the notion that brands can both do right for society and improve sales.


I think about what it would mean to me at 5 years old to see a dark skinned woman with a speech impediment as a spokesperson for a beauty brand.




On leading teams:

“As a coach, the most important thing I can do is educate my athletes and give them the tools to be successful.” — 
Carol Capitani, Head Coach, Women’s Swimming & Diving, The University of Texas

On redefining modern motherhood:

“We never really talk about all the changes that happen in a mother’s life that have nothing to do with taking care of a baby.”— Ericka Souter, Parenting Expert and Author, How to Have a Kid and a Life: A Survival Guide

On the multiplier effect:

“Take action, don’t despair. If you help even one person in your lifetime, you have made a difference.” — Kimberly Gire, Founder, Global Women Leaders Strategic Philanthropy


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Boosting Brand Appeal

Brands have a lot to gain by portraying women positively in advertising. In fact, companies that elevate women are more likely to curry favor among consumers. The FQ contributed to the latest Women in Advertising Report with Ipsos. Check it out!

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