It’s on all of us to look up, take note and call out inequality when we see it. While we may share frustrations with friends, family and colleagues, these tools provide a vehicle for individuals to create broader awareness of underrepresentation — and demand action. We cannot wait for others to do what’s right, we have to be the voice for those not represented.

If you’re a changemaker that holds others accountable, the GA Tally is for you. Signup for Action Alerts that will keep you in-the-know about progress being made in the quest for gender balance, and nominate those that are getting it right with The Stamp of Approval.

The Purpose

To give a voice to individuals to call out unfair representation at conferences and local events. To spark a community-driven conversation that encourages organizers to take action to make their events more inclusive.

The User

Anyone who wants to shine a light on organizations prioritizing diverse lineups at conferences, and to encourage those who aren’t–to step up their game.

The Takeaway

Your individual voice will contribute to a community-driven platform that drives change by calling out inequality as it’s witnessed online, in person and on the stage. GenderAvenger content is fueled by those who speak up via the app and social media tagging which translates into social media posts, reshares, action alerts and more.

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