FQ Global Pack Spotlight: Olivia Asiedu-Ntow

FQ Global Pack Spotlight: Olivia Asiedu-Ntow

Meet Olivia Asiedu-Ntow, this week’s FQ Global Pack Spotlight and Co-Founder and COO of ScaleUp Africa. Olivia recently joined us to host a virtual dinner with women of Ghana where we explored the value of resilience. We were also lucky enough to hear from Olivia during an unscripted conversation at our Regional Africa Dinner. Get to know more about Olivia below!


Describe yourself in 3 words.

Ambitious, relentless, and connector.

What do you wish more people knew about life in Ghana?

Before I moved back to Ghana 8 years ago, I had my own preconceived ideas on the working environment, cultural differences, which I needed to understand and learn as it is part of who I am, the infrastructure – both good, bad, and nonexistent. But, what I was blown away by when as the years passed by was the magnitude of sheer resilience of Ghanaian people.

Yes, we have our fair share of problems but, amidst that, Ghana has per capita the most driven and resilient people. We have amazing skylines, a cosmopolitan city bursting with vibrant culture, art, fashion, a booming tech hub with over 100 Innovation spaces for entrepreneurs, some of the best universities housing, and we’re growing the future leaders of Africa and a young and vibrant demographic.

Ghana has by far grown leaps and bounds over the last decade. Two years ago, we saw the celebration of this via our national campaign borne by our President – ‘Year of Return’ and now ‘Beyond the Return,’ which really helped to put us firmly on the map and show the world what Ghana has to offer – tourism, trade and industry links, a booming tech hub, a cultural celebration to name just a few.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Your network is your net worth; cultivate your relationships in a genuine and personable way and they will propel you to dizzy heights.

What headline would you want to read about women in your country?

I want to see a headline that reads this: ‘Ghana sees a 75% increase in sustainable and scalable businesses owned by women.’

What book/podcast/tv show would you recommend?

Here are a few I’d recommend:

  • Scaleup Africa insights (biased but it’s truly amazing). 
  • A million little things; a deep and meaningful series about friendships, coping, letting go, and being at peace with wherever you are in your journey. It’s truly heartwarming, especially given the current state of the world. 
  • I love meditating so tend to listen to the 21-day meditation series by Deepak and Oprah.
  • My staple book that I dive into inconsistently is my bible – it keeps me grounded and connected.



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