FQ Equity Index

In our collective drive for inclusion and fair representation, it’s important to understand where we are on the journey and track our progress along the way. This tool was created as a measure for understanding an industry’s general Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) performance and identifying any potential gaps between such industry performance and a specific company’s DEI performance. It’s another lens to measure how we’re doing, and to share findings that call for action where we see industries or companies stalling or falling behind.

The Purpose

To view how your industry and company performs against others across the holistic DEI spectrum and use it as a benchmark to track progress and advocate for improvements.

The User

Anyone looking for a quick assessment of how their industry or company measures on the DEI index. Any consumer who wants to understand how a company or industry they care about is doing in terms of DEI.

The Takeaway

You will gain insight to an industry DEI performance. Account holders will furthermore gain insight on any gaps between their company’s DEI performance and industry performance. It is also possible to obtain a company’s full DEI performance report across gender, race, age, sexuality, disability, family, education, and a variety of other DEI factors.

More From Our Tool

The FQ Equity Index provides a simple, free method of evaluating your industry and your company’s performance on diversity, equity and inclusion.

Significant change requires bold action. Once you’ve discovered your company’s score on the FQ Equity Index, it’s time to make a plan to improve your DEI performance.

The United States Census Bureau modified questions and data coding procedures in 2020 to “more accurately illustrate the richness and complexity of how people identify their race…”

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