Where We Stand Today

From where we stand today, “None of us will see gender parity in our lifetimes, and nor likely will many of our children.” That’s the latest finding of the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2020, which projects that it will take 99.5 years to achieve full parity at the current pace. We don’t […]

annual floor tour with more than 200 women in official partnership with CES

Inside the Equality Lounge @ CES 2020: Why Visibility for Women is Key to Closing Tech’s Gender Gap

Women make up nearly half of the total labor force in the United States. And yet, the tech industry is still very much a boys’ club. While the percentage of working women has gradually climbed over the past decades, it remains significantly lower in the tech sector.  Women comprise roughly 26% of the computing workforce […]

Part 2: Command Your Voice of Authority – Up Your ACT™

True greatness is unique for each person. It is a special combination: an integration of what you believe about yourself, how you hold yourself to high standards of accountability, and who you are as you grow through experience. These are qualities that come from the inside out. Your unique greatness starts with you. Why is […]

Our Evolution from the Girls’ Lounge to the Equality Lounge

As we embark on a new decade, we are excited to share the evolution of The Female Quotient. To explain more about our growth and impact, CEO Shelley Zalis sat down for a Q&A: Tell us about The Female Quotient’s beginnings. It all started in 2013 when I wanted to go to CES. It’s a […]

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Take Five: Top Moments for Women in 2019

When you add women to any equation, the equation gets better— and this year was no exception. As 2019 comes to an end, it’s time to celebrate all the ways women have used their platform to make the world a better place. From entertainment and politics to sports and science, we’ve seen women break records, […]

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Why Art Has No Gender

Throughout history, women have had an indelible impact on society, culture, and industry. How do we find and capture new opportunities to get ahead? The answer is simple: By having a distinct point of view and by embracing the things that make us unique. We experienced this firsthand in the FQ Lounge @ Art Basel […]

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Part 1: Claim Your Voice of Authority

What do people hear when you speak? Right now, there is attention and commentary about the voice of women. This topic is being addressed with new levels of analysis and gravitas. Jessica Bennett with The New York Times asked What Do We Hear When Women Speak? Monica Hesse, The Washington Post asked us to consider […]

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10 Leaders on How to Turbocharge Innovation

Managing bias in artificial intelligence, the innovations accelerating progress on the SDGs, business as a platform for change: These are a few of the major themes that appeared this week at Dreamforce where we hosted the FQ Lounge with Deloitte Digital. At the conference, we heard from trailblazers like former U.S. President Barack Obama, Salesforce […]

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Why We’re Over the Word “Balance”

There’s no such thing as “balance.” Between work, personal commitments, and side hustles, we all have busy schedules. While multitasking and nurturing come as second nature to most of us women, we often set unrealistic expectations for ourselves. If we don’t “do it all,” then we must not be doing enough. The truth is that […]

What You Need to Know About Latina Equal Pay Day

Today is Latina Equal Pay Day, the symbolic point in 2019 where the average Latina woman’s earnings finally “catch up” to what a non-Hispanic white man earned in 2018. Latinas working full-time, year-round are typically paid only 54 cents for every dollar paid to their white, non-Hispanic male counterparts. In order to make as much […]


Why Gender Equality is No Laughing Matter

At the current rate of progress, the World Economic Forum projects that gender equality in the United States is still another 208 years away. The good news? We can move forward faster if we all work together as a team. To spread the message, leaders around the world are harnessing the power of comedy to […]

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How to Ignite Innovative Change Through Advertising and Media

There’s no doubt about it: eLearning is essential to your advancement. Second to a better salary, the main reason a woman will accept or change positions today is for the opportunity to continue her education. There has been a 75% increase in women pursuing continuing education in the last five years. And yet, 72% of […]

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STEM Is for Them: Inspiring the Future Generation of Girls in STEM

By now, it should be no secret that, for women to rise into positions of leadership, we need to close the gender gap in tech. Despite popular belief, young girls do enjoy STEM/STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) subjects. So, what’s the issue? Research shows that they opt out of STEM/STEAM once they reach […]

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Inclusive ads are affecting consumer behavior, according to new research

A version of this piece appears on Think with Google The Female Quotient partnered with Google and Ipsos this past summer to survey nearly 3,000 U.S. consumers of various backgrounds to understand perceptions surrounding diversity and inclusion in advertising. My team and I asked people about the factors they think are important for a brand’s […]

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Women Owned Business Certification: What You Need to Know

Guest Post from the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council  October is National Women’s Small Business Month, a time to celebrate the growth and accomplishments of women-owned small businesses and the vital role they play in our economy. But to us, supporting women-owned businesses is more than just a campaign; it’s the core of what we […]

In Her Words: Lessons Leaders Across Generations Can Learn from Each Other

When I was 21, I became the “reverse mentor” of Michelle Greenwald, a former Fortune 100 Marketing Executive. We entered into a win-win relationship: I share my Millennial perspective, social networking tips, and insights into the latest trends. And, Michelle tells me about her daily learnings, offers advice based on years of experience, and inspires […]

I Want It, I Got It: Know Your Worth When Negotiating

To reach equality and rise into top leadership positions, we need to know how to own our voice, know our worth, and negotiate well. To celebrate International Day of the Girl, leaders from Plan International USA shared how to grow your confidence to get the most out of life. You’ve probably heard the statistics: For […]

Making Mental Health Matter

Corinne Foxx @ Cannes Lions 2019 It’s World Mental Health Day! To celebrate, we want to ensure that we’re continuing to inspire women to share their stories around health and wellness. Who better to help us than Corinne Foxx? She’s an actress, founder, and now an activist who’s on a mission to make mental health […]

Be Bold. FQ Lounge @ ANA Masters. 2019.

Top Leaders on How to Practice What You Preach

With consumers increasingly demanding that companies take a stand on social issues, how can brands achieve sustainable growth? Equal representation! Research shows that 75% of consumers feel more positively toward companies whose advertising demonstrates that men and women have the same capabilities and roles. If you can see her, you can be her. Read on […]

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Brand Purpose: Discovering Yours and Owning It

In recent years, consumers have become interested in more than just the products and services that brands offer— they want brands to stand for something bigger than what they sell. Defining a reason for existing beyond making money is critical for the long-term success of any company in today’s climate. We spoke with Alicia Tillman of […]

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In Her Words: Choose a Personal Brand That’s Really ‘You’

Creating a personal brand for yourself is important whether you’re hoping to become a social media sensation or you simply want to make a good impression on your bosses and potential employers. Too often, women choose a brand that they can’t live up to. The reason: The brand is too far from the woman’s personality, […]

Why Believing in Women Is a Slam Dunk

Did you know that almost all women senior managers and executives played sports at some level? In fact, 90% of high-level women are current or former athletes, according to recent studies—and the proportion rises to 96% among women in the C-suite. What’s more, 52% of these women played at the collegiate level.  It’s undeniable: There’s […]

What Happened in The FQ Lounge @ Advertising Week: Day 2

Breaking gender stereotypes in media, harnessing the power of the pack, and what brands need to know when talking to women today. Day 2 in The FQ Lounge @ Advertising Week saw more leaders sharing actionable ideas to affect real change for all women. Here are some of the day’s highlights.   “I believe very […]

FQ Lounge @ Advertising Week 2019

What Happened in The FQ Lounge @ Advertising Week: Day 1

The conversation about who’s inviting who to the party versus who’s asking them to dance— aka diversity versus inclusion— is by no means new. At this point, most of us recognize that a diverse workforce is a social and economic imperative. But the reality is that there’s still a disconnect between understanding the value of […]

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Redefining Leadership: The Inclusion Imperative

Here at The FQ, we’re always coming up with new ways to collaborate with other organizations and share the benefits of inclusive cultures in the workplace. That’s why we released the “Shift/Forward: The Future of Leadership” study in partnership with Deloitte. This research provides essential insights into how leadership styles can meet the evolving needs and […]

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Empowering Women through Water

This week, we’re celebrating the completion of our project with charity: water by showcasing the impact we can all make when we team up for change. Read on to learn more about our exciting news.

Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations

In Her Words: Choosing the Employment Gap Part 2

For those of you in the employment gap, contemplating it, know someone who has been in it, or if you are looking at resumes of folks who have a gap, don’t miss this article.

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10 Leaders on How to Raise Your Profile at Work

Step out and take a stand on diversity and inclusion to unify your organization—and advance your career along the way. 

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Women’s Equality Day: Hidden Figures From The Suffrage Movement

It’s hard to believe that less than 100 years ago women did not have the right to vote—and many women of color had to wait even longer. Read on to discover untold stories from the women’s suffrage movement

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The FQ Equality News 8.23.19

We paid tribute to Black Women’s Equal Pay Day this week, female CEOs are having babies while running some of the fastest-growing businesses, and there’s a radical new plan to break the wheel. Read on for more.

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What You Need to Know About Black Women’s Equal Pay Day

Today is Black Women’s Equal Pay Day. Read on to learn about the gender pay gap and what each of us can do to make a change.

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In Her Words: Is Our Diversity and Inclusion Culture Coming Up Short?

Diversity is being invited to the party. Inclusion is being asked to dance. Find out what four strategies you need to cultivate an inclusive culture at work.

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In Her Words: Travel Hacks Q&A with Tiffany Scerbo

Seeking an opportunity to expand your horizons and conquer your fears? Book a trip! Read on to discover how one expert takes time away from the office— guilt-free.

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The FQ Equality News 8.9.19

Stand-up comedians say gender equality can’t wait, Toni Morrison leaves behind a powerful legacy, and are women directors really ‘overboarded?’

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How to Level the Playing Field for Women in Sports

We got the chance to meet change agents who are championing equality in sports. Read on for their advice on how to extend support for women beyond the soccer field.

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We All Have Bias: Here Is How to Bust It

A key to changing workplace culture is to become conscious of our unconscious, and then actively work to reverse these thought patterns. Here is how to get started and create a workplace where we all belong.

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In Her Words: What a Career Transition Taught Me About Life

How a significant life transition led this entrepreneur down a new career path to her true calling.

Fearless girl sculpture wallstreet new yorkFearless girl sculpture wallstreet new york

The FQ Equality News 7.26.19

The last all-male board in the S&P 500 finally added a woman, presidential candidates abandon the phrase “glass ceiling,” and more.

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In Her Words: How to Build a Personal Brand That Stands Out

Unlock the life you want with this complete guide to personal branding.

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Women in Cloud: Make Your Business Fly

Here’s how successful entrepreneurs are inspiring the tech industry to accelerate gender diversity and create solutions for a brighter tomorrow.

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In Her Words: Four Ways to Motivate Yourself Before 9:00am

Like it or not, the early bird really does catch the worm. Consider following these four steps to implement a morning routine that sets you up for success every day. Rise and shine!

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The FQ Equality News 7.12.19

The truth about inclusion in the workplace, Shirley Chisholm enjoys a well-deserved resurgence, the U.S. Women’s National Team champions equality after a World Cup victory like no other, plus much more.

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In Her Words: The Career Path Not Taken

The decisions each woman makes about work and life are deeply personal. Here is how one mom-to-be made a choice that was right for her after being offered a CEO position.

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In Her Words: How Your Weight is Impacting Your Earnings

Read on for expert coaching advice on how to pursue your goals without fear…and get more of what you want, whether its more money, more clients, or more free time.

photo of three women hands in the air

In Her Words: Thriving in the Employment Gap

In our society, so much of our identities get wrapped up in our job titles and careers. Yet with disruption being the new norm, many people are experiencing an “employment gap.” Try these expert tips from a certified coach in order to survive and thrive.

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In Her Words: Every Job is a Sales Job

While you may not have “sales” in your job description, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to sell. Use the art of selling to win at work, regardless of your title. Read on for tips from a pro.

FQ Lounge @ Cannes Lions 2019. Gabrielle Union. Dwyane Wade.

15 Inspirational Quotes from Top Leaders on Creating Change

That’s a wrap! Here are 15 quotes from leaders in The FQ Lounge @ Cannes Lions that highlight the biggest themes of the festival this year.

Check your bias. FQ Lounge @ Cannes Lions. 2019

#SeeHer 2020: GEM’s Global Influence on Increasing Gender Equality in Media

It’s simple: Diversity is just good business. We have more than just data to prove it—we have the tools to do better. Thanks to leaders who are flexing their marketing muscles to increase gender equality in media, we’re making big strides forward. Read on for more.

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Gun Safety: How Leaders are Partnering Up to Shift Culture

From the classroom to the boardroom, everyone is entitled to feel safe in their place of work. Read on to learn how leaders across agencies, brands, and nonprofits are working together to drive change in gun reform and #MakeEqualityMoves.

The FQ Lounge @ Cannes Lions. 2019. Man Enough. Marc Pritchard. Justin Baldoni

The Future is Feminine: How Men Can #MakeEqualityMoves

If the future is female, then what does the role of men look like? Find out from two men in The FQ Lounge @ Cannes Lions who are working to #MakeEqualityMoves.

aerial photo of houses in Cannes

How Brands Can Leverage the Power of Purpose to Grow

Adopting a purpose-driven mindset is a key to success. Read on to learn from top leaders about how they balance the quest for profits with responsible growth.

FQ Lounge @ Cannes Lions. 2019. Around the lounge.

Stereotype Busters Take a Stand Against Being Diverse-ish

Is your business truly diverse or is it only diverse-ish? Top leaders in the FQ Lounge @ Cannes Lions break down the invisible stereotypes we must bust.

The FQ Lounge @ Cannes Lions. 2019. My Health, My Wellness, My Story. Shelley Zalis. Linda Yaccarino. Julianne Hough. NBCUniversal. Expanded Fitness.

Leaders Share Their Favorite Action Steps to #MakeEqualityMoves

A company alone has power; together, we have impact. We’re bringing everyone together in the FQ Lounge @ Cannes Lions to #MakeEqualityMoves. Read on to keep up with equality moves these top leaders are making.

#MakeEqualityMoves. FQ Lounge @ Cannes Lions. 2019.

How To #MakeEqualityMoves

From where we stand today, gender equality is still 202 years away. Here are specific action steps you can take to speed up progress.

Make Equality Moves

The Female Artists Who #MakeEqualityMoves

Meet the female artists behind the #MakeEqualityMoves campaign—and find action steps you can take right now.

silhouette of man with children

Why Fathers Feel There is a "Parenthood Penalty"

These research findings may surprise you.

@girl boss text

The FQ Equality News 6.7.19

Find out why Japanese women are protesting high heels in the workplace, how mammograms are getting a makeover, and more.

woman graduate wearing cap and gown

Flipping the Balance: 5 Steps You Can Take to Close the Gender Gap

Learn how one group of students is taking on the gender gap in business schools, the boardroom, C-suite, and beyond— and the tips you can take from them to move the needle forward.

person carrying baby while reading

The FQ Equality News 5.31.19

From policy and philanthropy to households and Hollywood, women are breaking ground. Read on for more.

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How to Get Past the Messy Middle to the Top

Many women fall out of the pipeline in what we call the messy middle, or middle management. Leaders share advice on how to rise to the top.

women reading at a table together

The FQ Equality News 5.24.19

Will Kamala Harris finally close the gender pay gap? From corporations to Hollywood to the sports industry, there’s still a long way to go to overcome gender barriers. But, with the female-founded company Away hitting unicorn status, it looks like women are taking the lead. Read on for more.

woman placing sticky notes on board

How to Hire with an Equality Mindset

You can hire diverse candidates, but it takes creating a culture of belonging in order to truly reap the benefits of diversity in the workplace. Here is how to make it happen.

Woman standing looking at view of city

The FQ Equality News 5.17.19

When it comes to men and women in the workplace, are we going backwards? A new study finds 60% of men are now hesitant to mentor women (up from 46% last year). The bright side of the news is that we have a record-breaking number of female CEOs. Read on for more.

Maria Menounos of AfterBuzz TV, Kim Commins-Tzoumakas of 21st Century Oncology, and Jennifer Connelly of JConnelly, Inc., in the FQ Lounge @ SALT

Committing to Change: 8 Lessons on Inclusive Leadership

World leaders gathered in the FQ Lounge @ SALT to share the exponential affect collaboration has in driving change and innovation. There’s power in the pack!

women on phone at desk

Why Gender Diversity is Good for Business and the World

Standing up for global causes like equality is not only the right thing to do—it’s also good for the bottom line. Here’s how companies can make diversity part of their business plan and why parity will benefit us all.

mother and daughter crossing lake

The FQ Equality News 5.10.19

This week, a look at why married women do more work at home than single moms, how a company is helping new mothers return to work, a royal baby announcement, and much more. Happy almost Mother’s Day!

Hands holding the game controllers

Play to Win: How Women Are Breaking Barriers in eSports

A growing number of women are paving their way in the male-dominated world of electronic sports. Female leaders in the business of eSports share how women are rewriting the rules of the game.

Together We Create!

How to Make Diversity a Reality

Diversity goes beyond race, gender, or sexual orientation- it’s also about organizations valuing diversity of mindset and creating cultures of belonging.

child gaming

The FQ Equality News 5.3.19

This week a surprising reason millennials are holding back from becoming entrepreneurs, why women’s careers may be taking a backseat, and how an e-gamer is helping to level the playing field. Plus, a don’t-miss movie to watch this weekend.

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Return on Equality: How Gender-Equal Ads Pay Off

Industry leaders share how brands and advertisers can harness their influence to overcome stereotypes in media, activate change, and drive growth beyond the bottom line.

two people standing on gray ground passion led us here

How Brands Can Tap Into The Power of Gen Z

College students, social media influencers, and brand experts share insider knowledge about how to leverage the powerful market that is Gen Z.

The FQ Equality News 4.12.19

This week computer scientist Kate Bouman made the impossible possible, the 6 traits of an inclusive leader were revealed, and working dads are demanding more work-life balance.

6 Ways to Be More Inclusive At Work

Regardless of our role in an organization, it is everyone’s job to be a champion of diversity. Leaders in The FQ Lounge at Adobe Summit share how we can create a more inclusive culture for everyone.

In Her Words: How To Know When A Business Event is Worth It

Many of those intangible moments that impact a career often happen outside the office.  If we aren’t there, how can we leverage a spontaneous career-advancing moment to our advantage? Here are 4 ways to help manage the calendar and still advance.

The FQ Equality News 4.5.19

Money is on our minds this week for Equal Pay Day. Here is what needs to happen to close the wage gap, and the women who are flipping the balance.

The Leadership Traits That Will Empower You—And Your Team

Here are 6 steps to use value-driven leadership to unlock your own personal development and unleash your team’s full potential.

Equal Pay Day: What the Wage Gap Costs You & How to Know Your Worth

It’s not our responsibility to close the wage gap—that is the responsibility of companies. However, we can take steps to advocate for ourselves. Here is one woman’s story about how she owned her value, and asked for what she is worth.

Part 3: Get More of What You Want: How to Tell a Good Deal

Tricks from a negotiation expert on how to get the best possible deal—and when to walk away.

The FQ Equality News 3.22.19

In this week’s roundup, we’re celebrating Women’s History Month, talking about what it will take to pass the Equal Rights Amendment, shining a spotlight on a female founder who reached unicorn status while 9 months pregnant, and more.

What’s Okay and Not Okay in the Workplace Today

Is it okay for a man to tell a woman she looks nice at work? Or to ask a female colleague to go for “working” drinks? Our new survey reveals what employees think is appropriate in the workplace.

Part 2: The Negotiation Career Advice No One Tells You

If you have ever shied away from negotiating, you’re not alone. Research shows that women are less likely than men to initiate a negotiation, especially in ambiguous situations. Here is what it could cost you.

In Her Words: Happy Birthday to the Notorious RBG

When RBG started law school in the 1950s, women were less than 3% of the legal profession in the United States. Here is how she blazed her own path.

How to Create a More Inclusive Workplace

A whopping 72% of workers say they would consider leaving an organization for one they thought was more inclusive. Thought leaders share how to create cultures of belonging—and why its good for business.

Male Champions On How To Make Workplaces Better For Women

We need male leaders to continue to mentor women, to be bold, and to act as role models for others in the workplace. Here, advice from men on how to create change.

How To Create The Workplace You Want

There are many things that each of us can do—regardless of gender, age, title, or level—to help create the workplaces we want to see.  Leaders share what leadership means today, truth telling, how to raise your visibility, and more.

In Her Words: 3 Women in Business Creating a More Sustainable World

In 2018, there were only 24 women leading Fortune 500 companies. Yet, women make up nearly half the world’s population and workforce. Here are 3 inclusive business models led by women for a more sustainable world.

International Women's Day: Tools for Change

2019 finally feels like the year we should stop simply talking about the business case for equality and start making tactical decisions on how to unlock the untapped potential of women and other underrepresented groups. Here are some countries who are bettering the balance—and tools for change.

How Women are Changing the Rules of the Retail Industry

Across the retail sector, women are challenging how brands interact with their customers — and driving better business as a result. Female leaders explain how in the FQ Lounge @ Shoptalk.

I Am The Future: Women, Tech & Equality

It’s no secret that in order to create a more equal world, we need more women in tech. The global gender gap in STEM stands at 47%. Here is inspiration on how to change the equation.

Women's History Month: 5 Trailblazers You Need To Know

March is Women’s History Month and we’re celebrating by sharing the stories of amazing female game changers and barrier breakers.

Part 1: Negotiation Is Problem Solving—Here Is How To Do It

Advice from a negotiation expert on how to get what you want and make it a win-win for everyone.

In Her Words: On The Basis of Sex, RBG And Pushing for Equality in 2019

Brave women such as RBG helped pave the way for where we are today. “On The Basis of Sex” uses the power of storytelling to show that one woman can make a difference.

Shooting for Greatness: Female Leaders on How To Change the Game

Female leaders in The FQ Equality Lounge @ NBA All Star on how to follow your passions and chart new territory.

In Her Words: Why Caring, Purpose, and Equality at Work Matter

Mandeep Rai, CEO of Creative Visions Global, shares insights from being in our lounge at Davos on why we need to create cultures of care.

In Her Words: The Best A Company Can Be & Being The Change

“In Her Words” is a new series featuring the voices of different women in our community sharing their experiences in our lounges or thoughts on the latest equality news. Miisa Mink, founder of DrivenWoman, shares how companies are driving change in The FQ Lounge @ Davos.

The FQ Equality News 2.8.19

In this week’s news roundup, we’re celebrating Black History Month, recognizing America’s caregiving crisis, welcoming the birth of a period emoji, amplifying the message that we need more female directors in Hollywood, and more. 

Take 5: Why Lifting Up Female Entrepreneurs Will Be a Win for Us All

Female entrepreneurs, such as Rebecca Minkoff, in our lounge @ NRF 2019: Retail’s Big Show share insider advice on perfecting your pitch, accepting funding and more.

Why We Brought a Home of Equality to the Sundance Film Festival

Media helps shape culture and how we see ourselves, yet equality is far from reality in Hollywood. We made a home of equality at the Sundance Film Festival, where movie leaders and influencers meet, to advance positive solutions for change.

How Can Women Achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals?

In 2015, the United Nations established 17 goals to achieve a better and more sustainable world for all by 2030. Leaders share how women can help us make those goals a reality.

How LinkedIn Data Can Make Our Workplaces Better

Big data can help companies pinpoint potential revenue, create targeted marketing campaigns, and improve customer service. What might data also reveal about gender equality and inclusion? Allen Blue, VP of Product Management and Co-Founder of LinkedIn, shares his insights.

What Happened in The FQ Lounge @ Davos: Day Three

The final day of The FQ Lounge @ Davos was filled with discussions focused on gender equality, workplace fairness, and how future generations will play a role in both. Here are some highlights from day three in Davos.

Top Female Tech Leaders on Creating Inclusive Cultures

Trailblazing women from Google, SAP and Deloitte Digital on how they are changing the game of leadership in tech and creating cultures of belonging.

What Happened in The FQ Lounge @ Davos: Day Two

Challenging gender stereotypes, redefining what it means to be a good leader, getting more diversity at the table: Day two in The FQ Lounge: The Home of Equality @ Davos saw more leaders amplifying action steps for change.

Why Diversity Should Be a Business Goal

When you add women to any equation, there is a return on equality. Leaders in The FQ Lounge, Home of Equality @ Davos shared on-the-ground insights about the progress we’ve made so far, and what we need to do to move forward.

What Happened In The FQ Lounge @ Davos: Day One

Promoting intersectionality, battling stereotypes, fostering healthy workplace environments: And it’s only the first day in The FQ Lounge: The Home of Equality @ Davos. Leaders gathered to discuss the state of equality in business today.

Why The FQ Lounge is Coming to Davos: The State of Gender Equality Worldwide

Gender equality has been a topic of discussion for decades. However, in recent years, world leaders have made strides in pushing to end the disparity between treatments of men and women in the workplace. Here are some trends and policies to watch.

Take 5: How To Make Ads More Gender Equal & Shift Culture

The #SeeHer movement is breaking barriers by bringing together top advertisers to use their voice and power to help erase bias and stereotypes in media. Here are the top takeaways shared by leaders of the #SeeHer movement on how to make ads more gender equal.

Women Leaders Share How To Succeed With Flexible Schedules

Flex schedules that allow for work-from-home days or working hours that fall outside the typical 9 to 5 is a workplace policy that can help employees better thrive at both work and home. Women leaders share advice on how to ask for a flexible schedule and thrive at work.

How to Empower Women in Tech

Leaders in the Girls’ Lounge at CES explore ways that managers can inspire change and create a culture that welcomes and encourages women.

The FQ Equality News 12.21.18

In this week’s news roundup, we’re celebrating women changing history, and highlight the stories that illustrate why we need to keep pushing for progress.

Spotlight On Alma Har'el & The Push For More Female Directors

Free the Bid founder Alma Har’el is solving the pipeline problem in the creative industry by calling for more bids for female directors. Here is how she is changing the game for women on and off the screen.

The FQ Equality News 12.14.18

Welcome to the debut of The FQ Equality News, a weekly roundup that will keep you informed on all things equality. From equal pay to parental leave to women leaders to watch, we’ll highlight the big wins (and setbacks) happening on the road to equality every Friday.

5 Female Artists Changing The Game at Art Basel

Female artists have been underrepresented throughout history, and that’s why raising their visibility is so important. Here are five women to watch from Art Basel who are moving the needle of the art market to include diverse female artists.

How A Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer Is Advancing Gender Equality

Parity won’t happen unless we make it happen, so it’s time to speed things up. Aline Santos of Unilever shares some ways we can take giant steps forward to advance equality in our workplaces.

Art & Equality: Bringing Visibility To Female Artists

Visibility matters, because if you can see her, you can be her. Art by female creators amplifies women’s experiences and gives our stories a home in culture and history. That’s why The Female Quotient partnered with SAP Next-Gen, Deloitte, and The Feminist Institute, to bring The Girls’ Lounge to Art Basel Miami Beach, one of […]

Take 5: How Telling Your Story Is a Tool For Change

Sharing our personal experiences is an effective tool for social change. Here is advice from Emma Mayerson of Alliance for Girls on using your story to advance equality.

The FQ Download: The FQ Lounge Coming To a College Campus Near You

We launched the Girls’ Lounge @ Campus in partnership with SAP Next-Gen to give young women the tools they need to create real change. Find out how you can register for a virtual board meeting and get involved.

It’s Time to Change What It Means to be A “Good” Leader

Inclusive leadership is a business imperative. Women have the skills to foster a new wave of inclusive leadership, and they’re rewriting the rules around what it means to be a “good” leader.  

The Power of Pack in Life

In the wild, animals are all about strength in numbers. Call it a pack, pod, troop, squad or pride—they all serve the same purpose. Each member unites to protect each other, and in the case of the wolf, if a lone wolf leaves the pack, that wolf usually leads a “difficult, lonely existence, and a […]

What We're Grateful For, Love The Female Quotient Team

This Thanksgiving, The Female Quotient team wanted to let you know that we are grateful for you, our amazing community who is brave, bold and breaking the workplace rules that don’t make sense.

How To Help a Colleague in a Crisis

What happens to us at the office impacts how we feel at home, and our personal lives also impact our performance at work. Mindy Corporon, founder of Workplace Healing, offers advice on how to help a colleague—or yourself—deal with tragedy at work.

Take 5: Rewriting The Rules of Men and Women at Work

Men, as well as women, lose out when there’s not equal opportunity in the workplace. Thought leaders share how to rewrite the rules of work to help shift culture—and drive equality for all.

Take 5: How To Succeed in Work & Life

We say, when you want to know something: ask her. The best advice comes from a lot of different people with real-life experiences. We asked thought leaders in the Girls’ Lounge @ Groceryshop how to thrive—both in the office and beyond. From applying for a stretch position to launching your own business to balancing your […]

What You Need To Know About “Digital Upskilling”

Incredible women from Google, SAP, PwC and Girl Develop It share insights on why digital education is so important, and the programs their companies have launched to enable the future.

Is Your Company Fit for The Future?

Today’s workforce is more diverse than ever; in fact, for the first time, five generations of talent are working side by side. Here is how companies can ensure that they are fit for the future.

The Shine Factor: Female Leaders on Helping Women Rise

While women in the corporate world—who have traditionally been scarce in top leadership—may have been taught to be competitive with one another, we’re seeing a growing theme of collaboration over competition. Here is why we’re stronger together, and how to help other women rise.

Rozes – "Roses" (Acoustic)

How Media & Advertising Can Drive Equality—And What You Can Do to Help

Advertising and media matters because they reinforce stereotypes, shape our perceptions of ourselves and the world, and impact culture. Thought leaders share their insights on how to create a real shift in both advertising messages and our culture at large.

Congresswoman Cheri Bustos on How To Get More Women in Politics

Despite the fact that we’re far from having equal representation in government, we have a record number of women running for office in 2018. Congresswoman Cheri Bustos shares what she has learned as she navigated the male-dominated arena that is the American political system.

Why These Feminine Traits Are Your Leadership Superpowers

It’s time to dispel the stereotype that there is room for only masculine traits in the boardroom—and embrace the fact that any good leader, regardless of gender, also embodies traits traditionally considered feminine, such as empathy and intuition. Here is how to own your feminine qualities at work, whatever that looks like for you.

Take Five: How To Practice Self Care At Work

Self care isn’t selfish because if you can’t be the best boss, worker, partner, friend or parent if you aren’t first taking care of yourself. Here are some ideas on how to take care of yourself—no matter how busy you are at work, at play and impacting change.

Why The Most Successful Brands Have Heart

The most successful brands today connect with customers on a human level. Martine Reardon, former CMO of Macy’s, shared her insights about the need for brands to understand who their consumers really are.

Take Five: How to Celebrate International Day Of The Girl

There are 1.1 billion girls in the world. Imagine if we harnessed all of that power? Here is how you can honor  International Day of the Girl.

10 Things YOU Can Do Right Now To Make Your Workplace Better

You’ll spend 90,000 hours at work over your lifetime, and your workplace culture impacts your happiness, both on and off the job. Here are 10 things you can do to create the workplace changes you want to see.

Why We Need To Redefine Masculinity at Work—And in the World

In the wake of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, men are trying to find their new place in the shifting power dynamics. Here are some top takeaways from the first-ever Men of Action Summit at the Girls’ Lounge at Advertising Week on the changing roles of men.

Take Five: Driving Diversity & Equality At New York Fashion Week Fall 2018

New York Fashion Week is making strides towards greater inclusivity, yet the fashion industry has a long way to go: Only 14% of major fashion brands are headed by females. Here are five pieces of advice heard inside the lounge on how to find your confidence, achieve your goals, and include men in the equality conversation.

Female Trailblazers On Taking Risks And Being “The First”

Here are some words of wisdom from the female trailblazers to inspire you to follow your passions and chart new territory.

All the Single Ladies: The Rise of the Independent Woman

There is power in the media to help shape culture. Thought leaders in the Girls’ Lounge at Cannes Lions share how advertisers and media can better speak to the growing population of “single ladies”—and why it is so important.

Fearless and Personal: How Brave Storytelling Paves the Way to Equality

Storytelling is an undeniable part of who we are, weaving through our career journeys, our entertainment choices, and our everyday conversations. What we may not fully realize is that what we tell stories about—along with how and by whom they are told—makes all the difference in the world. Here is how adjusting our storytelling approach can help pave the way to equality.

Take Five: How Millennials are Transforming the Workplace

Millennials and Gen Z are creating new rules for the workplace and redefining what it means to be a successful leader today. Sophia Amoruso, Rebecca Minkoff and other thought leaders share how to inspire tomorrow’s leaders.

How Well Do You Know Your Equality Trivia?

In honor of Women’s Equality Day on August 26, Taylor Strecker and Rob Shuter went head-to-head to test themselves on how well they knew their equality trivia in an episode of Equality Bytes. Try testing your own knowledge by taking the quiz.

Fearless Entrepreneurship With The Female Quotient's Shelley Zalis

Shelley Zalis, Founder and CEO of the Female Quotient sat down with Bobbi Rebel of the The Financial Grownup to talk about her journey as an entrepreneur.

What You Need To Know About Women's Equality Day

Women’s Equality Day celebrates the passage of the 19th Amendment, which granted women the right to vote on August 26, 1920. Check out this timeline of milestones to see how far we’ve come, and how far we still have to go.

Life, Career & Parenting Advice from Bozoma Saint John

Marketing powerhouse, mother, and diversity champion Bozoma Saint John on how to keep hustling and stay true to yourself.

7 Insights from Joanna Coles, Editor and Media Maven Extraordinaire

Joanna Coles has been at the helm of some of the most influential women’s magazines of our time, from Marie Claire to Cosmopolitan. Here are her top tips on how to win at work and in life. 

7 Things No One Tells You About Mentorship

Female leaders share what they wished they’d known about mentorship as they rose the ranks. Here are their top lessons learned.

Esther Perel On The Post #MeToo Era

Esther Perel, a world-renowned psychologist, offers expert insights about the changing landscape at work—and the need to redefine masculinity.

Esther Perel On Men, Women & Today's Workplace

Psychotherapist Esther Perel challenges us to start a new conversation surrounding sexual harassment in the workplace. Listen to her explore the real reasons why we still struggle with workplace power dynamics—and how we can achieve equality.

Tech Leaders Tackle Inequality in the Workplace

Thought leaders in tech share real-world advice on how to transform workplaces and create cultures of belonging, where people of all genders, races, ages and backgrounds feel safe speaking up.

The Parkland Students On How We Can All Be Activists

Find out how the Parkland survivors are using their platform to push for gun reform, raise awareness and resources to treat mental illness, and turn tragedy into change. Plus, ideas on how you can help make a difference today.

Equality Bytes – EPISODE 5: Do You Use All Your Vacation Days?

In this month’s episode of Equality Bytes, Taylor Strecker hits the streets of Manhattan to ask women and men about a topic essential for work-life integration: taking vacation. Watch the video to find out what percentage of Americans leave vacation days on the table, and whether men or women are less likely to use all of their vacation days.

Career Spotlight: How CBS President Jo Ann Ross Got to the C-Suite

Jo Ann Ross, President of CBS, shares advice for the next generation of women leaders on navigating the world of business, mentorship, work-life balance, and more.

How Men Can Better Support Women in the Workplace

A study by LeanIn.org and SurveyMonkey found that the number of male managers who now feel uncomfortable mentoring women has tripled. Male allies share steps men (and women) can take to create a culture of safety and belonging at work.

The Female Perspective: Why We Need More Women Role Models

Why do we need more female role models? Erin Lim, Laura Molen, and Savannah Sellers are here to share with us their perspective on the power representation.

Olympic Champions On Why The World Needs You To Be Yourself

Olympic athletes on how they’re remaining true to their authentic selves and using this global stage to broadcast the importance of helping all people feel like they belong—regardless of gender, race, age or sexual orientation.

Do We Need A New Definition Of Successful Leadership?

What does it take to be a good leader today? A recent study conducted by The Female Quotient and Deloitte found that 72% of respondents believe we need a new definition of what a “leader” is in today’s world. Here are the top traits to cultivate to be a better leader at work.

David Schwimmer On How Power and Perspective Can Change The Equation Around Harassment

Actor David Schwimmer on how he is helping to create clearer boundaries about what constitutes sexual harassment in the workplace and starting a new conversation.

Breaking Down Silos: What It Takes To Be a Successful Leader

A discussion around the myths of female/male styles of leadership and what successful leaders should do to facilitate effective cross-team collaboration.

Equality Champions: Olympians Who Are Changing The Game

Olympians Adam Rippon and Mikaela Shiffrin sit with Natalie Morales, to talk about the importance of being a role model and the need for diversity in sports.

A New Era Of Diverse Storytelling With Actor & Filmmaker Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry on how featuring diversity in the media can help create more inclusive cultures where all people feel like they belong.

Actress Sophia Bush and Harry Kargman Founder & CEO Of Kargo On Using Your Platform To Do Good

Actress Sophia Bush and Harry Kargman founder and CEO of Kargo sit together in the girls Lounge at Cannes Lions 2018 to talk about using your voice for good and how we can all be change agents.

Katie Couric & Top Leaders On The State of Women In Media And Ads

Americans may see as many as 4,000 advertising messages a day. Those messages matter, because they impact our perceptions of gender. Top leaders share how they’re helping get media and advertising messaging closer to equal.

David Schwimmer On Creating An Environment Where Both Men And Women Can Become Proactive Bystanders In The Workplace

David Schwimmer on being a proactive bystander and creating an environment where people feel free to ask questions in the workplace.

David Schwimmer on How Companies Should Asses Their Workplace Culture To Create Better Work Environments

David Schwimmer’s tips on truly finding out what the climate of your workplace environment is, so that companies can create change.

Walk The Equality Talk – Rosé and Runway

How companies can establish brand recognition at schools and colleges to build the next generation of individuals who will become company leaders.

Voices for Change, Voices for Action

Parkland Students/Activists share with us what moved them to use their voices to activate change in their community and generation.


Tips on how parents (both women and men) can balance parenting without loosing their career with Lisen Stromberg and Sarah Latz.

A Surprising Reason For Gender Inequality In Ads—And How To Fix It

Getting more female directors and creatives to produce the advertisements we all watch will increase the accurate portrayal of women. Not only will this drive equality, it will drive business. Here is why.

All The Single Ladies: Reaching Today’s Independent Woman

Listen to why Marketers should start paying attention to single women over 30 with Alex Bruell, Dr. Helen Fisher, Karen Kaplan, Sophie Kelly.

Tyler Perry on Finding a Partnership and Opening up the Conversation

Tyler Perry on working with great partners like VIACOM and BET at Cannes Lions 2018.

Tyler Perry on Creating a Safe Space and Bringing More People with Him

Tyler Perry on creating a space where he can maximize opportunities for as many people as he can.

Yes We Cannes! Supporting Female Leaders in Media and Advertising

Join our panel as we investigate how all of us – men and women combined – can drive change and support women as leaders in media and advertising.

Bringing The Handmaid’s Tale to Life

Let’s talk: The the Handmaid’s Tale, resistance, and action.

Leading with Purpose: Being a Force for Good

Listen to these exceptional leaders describe what purpose means to a business.

Founder Feature: Female-Led Startups at The Forefront of Innovation

Listen to these incredible women answer the question: “What is great about being a female founder?”

A New Era of Diverse Storytelling

In an era where customers expect more relevance and quality content, it’s paramount to deliver premium content that is reflective of changing demographics and consumer habits. Visit our panel to hear from Bob Bakish, Tyler Perry, as they join forces to usher in greater diversity of storytelling for the media and entertainment industry.

Making Innovation Work for Women and Girls #SheInnovates

Hear about how #SheInnovates is encouraging more women and girls to embrace Technology and Innovation.

Unstereotype Alliance: Creating A World Where We Put Stereotypes Aside, And Humanity First

Ms. Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, Executive Director of UN Women joined us to discuss gender equality.

How Power and Perspective Can Change The Equation Around Harassment

Catch Shelley Zalis, David Schwimmer, and Lisa Sherman discussing sexual harassment in the work place and how we can create solutions for change.

Queen Latifah on Why She is an Agent of Change

Queen Latifah reflects on her childhood, race, gender inequality—and how her mother motivated her to overcome obstacles.

Agents of Change for Equality

All our voices are crucial to create gender equality. Listen to these change makers recommend how you can use your voice to create change in your company.

Sharing The Torch of Responsibility

How do we make sure that the change in gender equality we are starting to build is lasting, sustainable, and will last long? Listen to these women tackle this question and how they are using their platforms to create sustainable gender equality.

How Women Leaders Are Taking The Reins

Female leaders are on their way to close the gender gap in the companies they lead. Listen to their tips on changing the workplace culture for better.

Adam Rippon on Love and Respect for the Sport

Adam Rippon on being judged based on hard work and performance before everything else.

Adam Rippon on Finding Your Passion and Supporting your Team

Adam Rippon on finding passion in what you do and living as your true self.

Adam Rippon on Being able to Reanalyze Mistakes and Work Through It

Adam Rippon on how letting yourself make mistakes could lead to something greater.

How We'll Win The Next Generation

What do these accomplished business leaders wish they had known earlier in their career? get tips on how to create an inclusive company culture.

8 Lessons from TheSkimm Founders on Building Your Dream Business (And Creating Change)

TheSkimm co-founders and co-CEOs Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg on how they went from writing their daily newsletter on their couch to having more than 7 million subscribers—and how they want to make an impact.

Doing Good by Doing Well

Sophia Bush and Harry Kargman on how you can use your voice to activate social change in your community.

Tyler Perry on a Need for More Representation in Film and TV

Tyler Perry on the opportunity to change the lack of representation of African Americans on television.

Sophia Bush on What Activates You and How to be Proactive About It

Sophia Bush advises companies to communicate better with people about what they care about.

Sophia Bush on Equality Being a Community Effort

Sophia Bush on how gender equality is beneficial to both men and women. Equality is a community effort.

Esther Perel explores the true cause of the predatory behavior in the workplace

Psychotherapist Esther Perel challenges us to re-examine masculinity and male identity to change gender inequality.

Sophia Bush on Becoming More Aware of Social Responsibility

Sophia Bush on social responsibility and how she uses her voice to amplify important conversations.

Esther Perel on How Relationships are Stories

Esther Perel on looking at people as individuals with different stories.

Esther Perel on How Confidence Allows You to Handle Rejection Comfortably

Esther Perel on how confidence enables us to have important conversations and understand each other.

Esther Perel on Challenging the Power Structure Between Men and Women

Esther Perel on Challenging the Power Structure between Men and Women.

Queen Latifah on Ladies First and Changing the Attitude

Queen Latifah’s massage to women; “Whatever it is you put your mind to you should be be able to accomplish”

Queen Latifah on Coming Together Collectively

Queen Latifah on how women should be fully supported to create and direct stories.

Power of the Female Voice

Jessie Ware on Music, Motherhood, and her Podcast “Tables Manners”

Equality Champions: Olympians Who Are Changing the Game

Olympians Adam Rippon, and Mikaela Shiffrin, sit with Natalie Morales, to talk about the importance of being a role model, and the urgency of diversity in sports.

Bridging the Gender Divide

Advice on how women and men can work together to achieve gender equality.

Erin Lim on Creating Content on a Different Platform and its Challenges

Erin Lim talks about navigating challenges behind her popular show “The Rundown”

Women Rising: How to Succeed in Male-Dominated Industries

Recent movements such as #MeToo and #TimesUp have raised awareness about the need for equality in the workplace. Female leaders share what it’s like to rise to the top in male-dominated industries and how each of us can be a role model for change.

Shift/Forward: Unlocking A New Style Of Leadership For Creativity And Success

In this discussion, we will explore the qualities that can help leaders effectively navigate their people and their organizations toward success amid a world in flux.

Equality in the Boardroom

Are boards paying enough attention to age diversity? Corporate environments are evolving and topics like ecommerce, cybersecurity and digital marketing are taking center stage, driving the need for skills that can actively address these challenges.

The Girls' Lounge @ Cannes Lions 2018: Women of Impact Behind The Lens

We sat with four National Geographic women photographers to talk to us about story telling. Listen to Photographers Jody MacDonald, Rena Effendi, and Cristina Mittermeier, as they give inspiring advice to Millennials and young girls.

The Girls' Lounge @ Cannes Lions 2018: Authenticity and Passion Recipe for Success

Listen to women who turned their passion into powerful brands through Authenticity, empathy, and heart.

Katie Couric on Being the Boss for a Change

Katie Couric on the importance of telling women stories, and mentoring women.

Joanna Coles on Understanding the Evolution of a Company

Joanna Coles on what working for Snapchat is like.

Joanna Coles on the Importance of Bringing Diversity and Questions to a Board

Joanna Coles on how diversity brings more diverse questions and solutions on board.

Joanna Coles on Bringing a Different Perspective to the Table

Joanna Coles on what perspective she brings to Snapchat

Erin Lim on Women Role Models Being Able to Change Society

Erin Lim on how we need more female role models to look up to

Erin Lim on Role Models Worth Emulating

Erin Lim talks about her role models.

Katie Couric on Women Having the Same Opportunities as Men

Katie Couric on gender equality in the workplace

Katie Couric on Not Underestimating Women

Katie Couric on how women are often underestimated and how she makes sure that she has 50/50 parity before accepting a job.

Katie Couric on Being the Boss for a Change

Katie Couric on the importance of telling women stories and mentorship.

CMO Visionaries of The #SeeHer Movement

How the #SeeHer movement is changing the representation of women in media.

Purpose Driven Marketing: Why Successful Brands Are Leading With Heart

Women talk about what truly makes a successful brand

Influence and Impact: How To Use Your Platform For Change

Hear Stephenie McMahon, Bozoma Saint John, and Lilly Singh talk about how they have used their voices and platforms to take action.

Transforming Workplace Culture for The "Now" Generation

As each have built brands with millennials and Gen Z’s at the forefront, these women are uniquely positioned to examine the best ways to inspire tomorrow’s leaders to push the envelopes of business and innovation, fundamentally uprooting the current workplace demands in the process.

No Excuses: How to Reach and Engage The Female Millennial Audience

TheSkimm Founders, Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg joined us to discuss their passion to inform female millennials about important issues, and what it is like to be a young female entrepreneur.

Breaking LGBTQ Barriers At The 2018 Olympics

Olympian Gus Kenworthy discuses the importance of Diversity and Inclusion with Pippa Scaife, CNN and Brent Miller, Global LGBTQ Diversity, P&G

Breaking LGBTQ Barriers At The 2018 Olympics

Gus Kentworth shares the importance of diversity and representation in the media with Pippa Scaife, CNN and Brent Miller, P&G

Women Rising: How To Breakthrough In Male Dominated Industries

In this unplugged talk, female leaders share what it’s like to rise to the top in male dominated industries, how to challenge the status quo, and what needs to happen in order to see real change.

Women In Media: Guiding The Next Generation of Talent

Jo Ann Ross CBS’ President and Chief advertising officer shares with us her road to success to inspire the next generation of women to redefine their own paths to success.

Equal Currency: Why Financial Empowerment Matters

Women leaders talk about Money and what men can do to help close the wage gap.

Community Without Borders: Music's Power To Unite Us

Grammy award winner Carla Morrison talks about the power of music to create a community without borders with Nathan Hanks and Shelley Zalis

The Elephant In The Room: Relationships Between Women and Men At Work

A conversation around todays work place culture with industry leaders Charlotte Beers, Mark Read and John Rudaizky.


Join Google and 72andSunny in an interactive session talking about the #IamRemarkable initiative that empowers women and underrepresented groups to speak openly about their accomplishments in the workplace and beyond.

Microtrends Squared: The New Small Forces Impacting Women, Female Entrepreneurship and Gender Equality

The New Small Forces Impacting Women, Female Entrepreneurship and Gender Equality.

Bozoma Saint John on Navigating Difficult Times

Bozoma Saint John, Endeavor’s Chief Marketing Officer, to discuss responsibility and rebuilding relationships in difficult times; taking us through lessons learned, and the resiliency and creativity needed to drive culture transformation.

Equal And Accurate Portrayal Through Power the Bid

To ensure equal and accurate portrayal of women in the media, we must hire more women directors. Listen to how our panelists are hiring women directors to ensure diverse storytelling.

Mother-Daughter Directors Pamela & Elizabeth Guest On Storytelling & Change Making

Host, Taylor Strecker, sits down with mother-daughter duo, Pamela and Elizabeth Guest, to talk about their new short film, ‘The First of Many.’ The film centers around Pamela’s real-life #MeToo moment when she was just a young actress in Michigan.

Director Sarah Green & Actress Sofia Boutella on Equality & Opportunity in Film

Brought to us by Women in Entertainment, Rhonda Richford (Hollywood Reporter) interviews actress Sofia Boutella (Atomic Blonde, Fahrenheit 451), and producer Sarah Green (The Tree of Life, Fahrenheit 451) to discuss where women stand in the film industry and what strides we can take to make it better.

Documentary Film Makers Omar Nour and Omar Samra on "Beyond The Raging Sea"

Host, Taylor Strecker, sits down with Omar Nour and Omar Samra to discuss their upcoming documentary, ‘Beyond the Raging Sea.’ The film documents, the two athletes’ expedition across the open ocean and Omar Samra likens the race to “a fight experienced by some of the 66 million displaced individuals around the world who have no choice but to set off on similar crossings in a desperate bid for safe refuge.”

Italian Actress, Producer & Director Isabelle Adriani On Women Supporting Each Other

Host, Taylor Strecker, sits down with Isabelle Adriani (Italian Actress, Producer, Director) to discuss competitiveness and selflessness in the film industry, and how we can make it a more diverse and cohesive business.