Founder Spotlight: Saenguin and the Dynamic Duo Dressing Women Who Shape the Future

Founder Spotlight: Saenguin and the Dynamic Duo Dressing Women Who Shape the Future

We’re here because we believe in the power of Women — more women in board rooms, more women in politics, more women in leadership. We dress the women who shape the future.” — Team Saenguin

That powerful mission statement is what drives Svenja Tegtmeier and Marta Sanchez, the founders of Saenguin, a women’s lifestyle for young professionals. Their story got its start over a glass of wine and laughter when they realized that there was a hole in professional women’s wear and that much of what was on the market was not made with young women in mind.

So the duo set out to create a brand for and inspired by the strong, bold, unapologetically ambitious women they met in their personal and professional lives. The friends channeled their ambitious natures, love of power suits and no need for heels, and the idea for Saenguin was born.

Millions of women work in male-dominated industries and struggle to find the “right thing” to wear. The mission of Saenguin is to create professional clothing that empowers women and is easy to navigate. The clothes are a metaphor for how they hope customers feel going into high pressure situations — confident and knowing they deserve to be there.

We got to chat with Saenguin founders about their entrepreneurial journey and the advice they have for other female founders.

What was your lightbulb moment when you knew that you and Marita wanted to launch your brand?

Marita and I were enjoying a well-deserved rest in Taiwan, and we were talking about the future and the upcoming consulting life. While chatting about this and that, we shortly realized that neither of us had been able to find any women’s professional wear. This was our light-bulb moment. We knew that this matter had to be fixed, not only for us but for all the women out there.

So that’s how Saenguin was born. It started as a common problem and turned into an idea. Shortly after that, it became a reality: a brand that dresses the women who shape the future.


Describe Saenguin in three words.

Resolute, ready, equal. 


Saenguin The Every Turtleneck via Pia Möstl Photography

What makes saenguin unique?

Saenguin does not only create women’s clothes. Our mission is much broader. We aim to celebrate saenguin women: the ambitious, bold and powerful ones. 

We are a brand that stands for an empowered and ambitious lifestyle for young, professional women. We design modern business wear that makes the ever-changing urban, corporate jungle easy to navigate. Pieces are designed with confidence and empowerment at its center while also coming from an equally empowered and confident supply chain. 


As entrepreneurs, what is one obstacle you two have faced and what did you learn throughout the process of overcoming it?

It’s very hard to limit it to one obstacle because the entrepreneurial journey is by design full of them. The hardest one might be accepting the constant uncertainty as a new way of life. It takes a while to get used to, and we were fighting it for a long time. Going with the flow and knowing that your identity is not your business helps during the hard times.  


Saenguin 2-in-1 Dress

What is your favorite piece of advice you have received in your career?

“…because it has always been done that way” is not rejection. That is an excuse.

The path to success does not come with clear road signs. It is not always going to be smooth, but know that when the road signs are gone and the lights are dimmed, that’s where real growth starts.


What is your best advice to up-and-coming female founders?

Never let anyone—not even yourself—make you feel like you don’t belong in this space. (Svenja)

“Don’t worry about the opinions of people you wouldn’t go to advice for.” When you’re starting your business, a lot of people suddenly have lots of opinions and (unsolicited) advice to share. You don’t need to listen to every single one of them. (Marita)


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