Five Takeaways From SXSW

Five Takeaways From SXSW

Technology has become a central thread in our existence. It’s time to focus on harnessing innovation to create a more equitable world. That means bringing more girls into STEM fields from a young age.

If you weren’t able to join our unplugged virtual conversations within the Equality Lounge® @ SXSW this week, we have you covered. Below are the top-line lessons learned from our discussions, along with key quotes and links to watch each conversation in full.



1) Our differences are our greatest strengths: Oscar Wilde said it best: “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” It’s true: Our differences are our greatest strengths. So, don’t give in to the pressure of conforming or the fear of being perfect. Perfect people aren’t real — and real people aren’t perfect. | Watch the full discussion

2) Support women- and minority-owned businesses: Even though women today are starting businesses at an increasingly higher rate and hold increasing purchasing power, they face unique challenges as they establish and grow their businesses. Many female founders start companies to solve problems in their lives, and supporting their success could mean scaled solutions that accelerate progress toward gender equality. | Watch the full discussion

3) Flip the balance in the tech industry: Did you know that the American tech and innovation industry has about one million fewer women than men? When organizations proactively work to flip this balance, everyone wins: Diverse teams are more innovative, leading to better financial performance and better products. | Watch the full discussion

4) Make way for new ways of thinking: Gen Z is coming on like a tidal wave. They are the largest, most diverse, and most technologically savvy generation, with a culture that marketers and employers alike are trying to understand. As Gen Z enters the workplace, how can we make way for new thinking? In the Lounge, we explored what makes this generation tick and how learning from them will help us better understand our future. | Watch the full discussion

5) Take a stand for parity: We know that hiring and retaining diverse talent is good for business. Still, women in the workplace continue to be underrepresented at every level. What can we do to improve the workplace for women, what attracts them, what makes them want to stay? Equal pay for equal work. Women lose an average of $407,760 in missed compensation over the course of a career due to the gender pay gap. | Watch the full discussion


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