File Under: Things We Should Know By Now

File Under: Things We Should Know By Now


Let’s face it: The world would be a better place if more women were at the top. By now, most of us don’t need any additional convincing, but here’s more proof just in case. A new analysis of the S&P 500’s most recent data shows that, even during a difficult year, companies with more than 30% of board seats held by women outperformed their less gender-diverse peers in 11 of 15 sectors. And yet, women still haven’t recovered from the devastation Covid caused — their salaries are $6,000 less than during pre-pandemic times. It’s time to pick up the pace of change. As we enter post-pandemic life, here are a few women who are leading the way.


On getting past barriers to breakthroughs: “Our mission is about accelerating women in leadership because the world is moving too fast for women to get left behind. Women won’t achieve gender equality for another two centuries and we’re not that patient.” — Nikki Barua, Co-Founder & CEO, Beyond Barriers | Watch the full discussion


On the power of pivoting: “Don’t worry about having a life path planned out. Try not to have that narrow vision of what life should be and be open to what the possibilities could be.” — Kate Barney, Head of HR, Americas & Europe, Global Business Solutions, TikTok | Watch the full discussion


On embracing self-expression: “When the content we create is authentic, it brings us closer together in real life. At the end of the day, authenticity is representation. It’s seeing yourself in something that is bigger than yourself.” — Lerai Rakoditsoe, Nickelodeon TV Host | Watch the full discussion




Caretaker Activism on the Rise, According to Our Recent Survey: Further proof that mothers are superhuman: They found the time to become more socially and politically active during the pandemic! To learn more about parental engagement in the past year, we partnered with Berlin Cameron, Romper, and Kantar in a survey of more than 1,000 caregivers — and the results might surprise you. | Read More


Making the Leap: What happens in a world where leaders distribute more of their power? Tune in to this conversation with authors Matthew Barzun and Eve Rodsky to find out how leaders can learn to let go and embrace new organizational shapes and mindsets. | Watch More


Explore The Speaker Equity Assessor™: We’re on a mission to close the gaps with the Speaker Equity Assessor™, a new tool we created in partnership with Facebook. In a few simple steps, companies, conferences, and organizations can get a holistic evaluation of the diversity of their speaker line-up. Are you ready to become #SpeakerReady? | Get Started


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