Virtual Equality Lounge® @ SAP SAPPHIRE Now with SAP and Deloitte Digital


Virtual Equality Lounge® @ SAP SAPPHIRE Now with SAP and Deloitte Digital

Monday, July 27 
Tuesday, July 28 
Wednesday, July 29


9am- 9:45am EDT
 1pm – 1:45pm EDT
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July 27

9AM – 9:45AM EDT Enhancing Your Team with Conscious Leadership
A whopping 72% of workers believe we need a new definition of what a “leader” is in today’s world, according to a survey by Deloitte Digital and The Female Quotient. The research found that traits traditionally considered feminine or “soft power” traits, such as being communicative, flexible and patient, came out on top. We explore why we need both soft and hard power skills in order to tackle today’s complex challenges today and come out stronger on the other side.

1PM – 1:45PM EDT Promoting Racial Justice in the Workplace
We often look to individuals and organizations in power to create more equitable workplaces, but regardless of our title, every one of us has the power to be agents of change through our daily actions. Join us as we discuss the critical role that each of can play in cultivating an anti-racist agenda at work and beyond.

4PM – 4:45PM EDT Taking on the Caregiving Crisis, Together
Around the world, over 70% of global caregiving hours are provided by women and girls. Women are used to juggling careers and caregiving responsibilities, but the current pandemic has placed a whole new burden. We explore how to support this key demographic through this time of crisis, so that we can emerge on the other side with a more egalitarian definition of “caregiver.”

July 28

9AM – 9:45AM EDT Building Businesses That Matters
Today’s entrepreneurs are taking on massive challenges, disrupting industries, and creating a better world. In this discussion, we’ll hear from founders and business leaders on the importance of supporting women entrepreneurs and how we can all have an impact on the road to success.

1PM – 1:45PM EDT Mastering the Art of Resilient Leadership with Women Entrepreneurs
Women-owned businesses have been on the rise for years, with more $1 billion female-founded “unicorn” start-ups born in 2019 than ever before. What’s more? Female-founded startups generate more revenue — with far less access to capital. It’s estimated that VCs could have made an additional $85 million over five years if they had invested equally in the female and male-founded startups. In this panel, we explore how women entrepreneurs are breaking down barriers around the world — and why we will all benefit from supporting them.

4PM – 4:45PM EDT All the Start-Up Ladies: Reimagining the Post-Pandemic VC Scene
Stats on venture capital (VC) funding of women-led startups are notoriously low, matched by low representation in the senior ranks of VC firms. It’s no secret that women have long lagged behind men in this space, but that’s beginning to change. Data has shown that women have been gaining ground in recent years. How can we help female founders face funding hurdles amid the pandemic and keep up the momentum? In this panel, leaders propose practical solutions for breaking into venture capital — and explore why the current climate may present as many opportunities as challenges for women entrepreneurs.

July 29

9AM – 9:45AM EDT Leading with Purpose for a More Sustainable World
Millennials and Gen Z would trade purpose over paycheck, and customers say they’re more likely to buy from a brand that aligns with their values. Leaders share how to inspire purpose in your teams and your customers in order to contribute to a more sustainable world.

1PM – 1:45PM EDT Navigating Uncertainty and Unlocking the Collaborative Future
In this time of near-universal uncertainty, nobody knows exactly how COVID-19 might impact various sectors in the short and long-term. Society, culture, and businesses are in flux – but that doesn’t mean we can’t work together to shape where our future is headed. Tapping into the power of collaboration can help leaders and organizations determine where fool-proof opportunities lie – and prepare for transformative change. In this panel, we explore how forward-thinking futurists leverage diversity and catastrophe as a catalyst for global unity.

4PM – 4:45PM EDT A Chance For Change: Accelerating Business Recovery Through Gender Diversity
Advancing causes such as equality isn’t just the right thing to do—it’s also good for the bottom line. In fact, we could add as much as $28 trillion to the global GDP by 2025 if we reach full gender equality, according to McKinsey. Leaders share how we can continue to focus on the Sustainable Development Goal #5, Gender Equality, in times of crisis and why it will benefit us all.

Speakers to be announced soon. Please check in for more updates on The Female Quotient social channels @FemaleQuotient.

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