Creating a more equitable world, one speaking engagement at a time

Creating a more equitable world, one speaking engagement at a time



How do we increase diverse representation at conferences and events around the world? That’s the mission behind the Speaker Equity Assessor™, a new tool we launched in partnership with Facebook this week. Check out the tool to find out how it works and what you can do to become #SpeakerReady. | Explore the Tool



The Speaker Equity Assessor™ is a first-of-its-kind tool to increase diverse representation at conferences globally. Created for events of any size, it provides organizers with a complete look at the representation of their speaker lineup.



1. Organizers input their event’s speaker data using a provided Excel template.

2. From this raw data, the SEA creates a holistic overview of speaker representation across a variety of characteristics, including gender, race, sexual orientation, core expertise, and more.

3. You can then drill down into your results to find even deeper insights. For instance, you might have high representation among Black speakers but are these speakers mostly put on DEI-related panels.

4. Using these insights, you can create a tailored action plan that leads to better and more meaningful speaker representation.

We know organizers want inclusive representation at their events; usually, they just lack the insights to make it a reality. That is the challenge the Speaker Equity Assessor™ solves.




Closing the gaps in speaker representation: “When panels and conversations lack diversity, audiences risk being presented with information that is unrepresentative of a wide range of experiences and are deprived of critical insights crucial for better decision making.” Read more from our interview in AdAge with Facebook’s Nicola Mendelsohn and ADCOLOR’s Tiffany Warren. | Read More


The origins of the Speaker Equity Assessor™: Want to learn more about the creation of the tool and why it’s so important to have diverse representation on stage? Check out our MediaVillage feature with Facebook’s Julie Hogan and Ashley McGowan. | Read More


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