Conscious Transitions

Conscious Transitions

Happy April! Spring is the season for reawakening, rebirth, and renewal. And, as vaccinations are distributed throughout the country, we’re feeling a heightened sense of hope and optimism this year. Change is on the horizon so take a moment to reflect on how far you’ve come, new challenges that might arise, and fresh opportunities to grow. If you set intentions during the long days of winter, here are a few words of encouragement to help those intentions burst into full bloom.



1) Find the place of beginning within: Each of us has the power to be a voice of change. As the seasons change, there’s no better time to start something new. From the stage to the public sphere, we heard how trailblazing women are using their platforms to challenge existing biases and forge a more equal world. Tune in below for an unplugged conversation with Laverne Cox, Actress, Producer, LGBTQ+ Equal Rights Advocate, and Jordyn Holman, Business Reporter at Bloomberg. | Watch the full discussion


2) Reclaim human connection: With a host of social media platforms at our fingertips, there’s no shortage of networking opportunities. How can we make these networking connections more genuine and less transactional, agenda-driven, and dehumanizing? Check out our recent conversation with “serial connector” and communications expert Susan McPherson for helpful tips on how we can foster relationships that enrich our lives in and out of work. | Watch the full discussion



3) Shed what no longer serves you: It can be challenging to put wellness first, especially while in the midst of processing change. To keep your wellness journey on track, think about what it might be time to let go of so you can make space to thrive. Get more advice from #HBCULikeMe, our new three-part virtual series with WW (WeightWatchers Reimagined) and Tai Life Media where we explore the power of developing a strong mindset, setting powerful intentions, and conquering self-love.Watch the full discussion



4) Master the art of servant leadership: Servant leaders take the traditional leadership model and flip it on it’s head. In other words, they put people first. They are focused on lifting up those around them in ways that unlock potential, creativity, and purpose. The result? Innovation and performance skyrocket. For more on what it takes to develop a serve-first mindset, tune in to the latest conversation from our Women in the Business of Sports series. | Watch the full discussion



5) Get mentorship right: The pandemic has caused disruption like no other in the small business community. On top of revenue and cash flow challenges, small business owners are facing unprecedented emotional and personal hurdles. During these challenging times, leaning on community is more important than ever. We heard from women leaders and small business owners on how these relationships can impact business growth and success. Here’s something to keep in mind when it comes to building a network. | Watch the full discussion




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