Many of us are spending a lot more time at home to slow the spread of the coronavirus and keep our communities healthy. If you’re stuck inside practicing social distancing — first: thank you for helping to flatten the curve;

True greatness is unique for each person. It is a special combination: an integration of what you believe about yourself, how you hold yourself to high standards of accountability, and who you are as you grow through experience. These are

What do people hear when you speak? Right now, there is attention and commentary about the voice of women. This topic is being addressed with new levels of analysis and gravitas. Jessica Bennett with The New York Times asked What Do

There’s no such thing as “balance.” Between work, personal commitments, and side hustles, we all have busy schedules. While multitasking and nurturing come as second nature to most of us women, we often set unrealistic expectations for ourselves. If we

Corinne Foxx @ Cannes Lions 2019 It’s World Mental Health Day! To celebrate, we want to ensure that we’re continuing to inspire women to share their stories around health and wellness. Who better to help us than Corinne Foxx? She’s an

Did you know that almost all women senior managers and executives played sports at some level? In fact, 90% of high-level women are current or former athletes, according to recent studies—and the proportion rises to 96% among women in the

Breaking gender stereotypes in media, harnessing the power of the pack, and what brands need to know when talking to women today. Day 2 in The FQ Lounge @ Advertising Week saw more leaders sharing actionable ideas to affect real