Women-owned businesses have been steadily increasing for years. In 2019, more $1 billion female-founded "unicorn" start-ups were born than ever before. What's more? Female-founded startups generate more revenue — with far less access to capital (only 2.2% of all venture

People will tell you intimate details about their sex lives often before they will talk about their finances. Somehow, it’s impolite to talk about money; it’s rude, it’s crass, or it’s breaking a rule. Money has been a taboo topic

True greatness is unique for each person. It is a special combination: an integration of what you believe about yourself, how you hold yourself to high standards of accountability, and who you are as you grow through experience. These are

What do people hear when you speak? Right now, there is attention and commentary about the voice of women. This topic is being addressed with new levels of analysis and gravitas. Jessica Bennett with The New York Times asked What Do

There's no doubt about it: eLearning is essential to your advancement. Second to a better salary, the main reason a woman will accept or change positions today is for the opportunity to continue her education. There has been a 75%

A version of this piece appears on Think with Google The Female Quotient partnered with Google and Ipsos this past summer to survey nearly 3,000 U.S. consumers of various backgrounds to understand perceptions surrounding diversity and inclusion in advertising. My team

When I was 21, I became the “reverse mentor” of Michelle Greenwald, a former Fortune 100 Marketing Executive. We entered into a win-win relationship: I share my Millennial perspective, social networking tips, and insights into the latest trends. And, Michelle

Creating a personal brand for yourself is important whether you’re hoping to become a social media sensation or you simply want to make a good impression on your bosses and potential employers. Too often, women choose a brand that they can’t