From where we stand today, "None of us will see gender parity in our lifetimes, and nor likely will many of our children." That's the latest finding of the World Economic Forum's Global Gender Gap Report 2020, which projects that

A version of this piece appears on Think with Google The Female Quotient partnered with Google and Ipsos this past summer to survey nearly 3,000 U.S. consumers of various backgrounds to understand perceptions surrounding diversity and inclusion in advertising. My team

In recent years, consumers have become interested in more than just the products and services that brands offer— they want brands to stand for something bigger than what they sell. Defining a reason for existing beyond making money is critical

Here at The FQ, we’re always coming up with new ways to collaborate with other organizations and share the benefits of inclusive cultures in the workplace. That’s why we released the “Shift/Forward: The Future of Leadership” study in partnership with Deloitte.

Stand-up comedians say gender equality can’t wait, Toni Morrison leaves behind a powerful legacy, and are women directors really ‘overboarded?’

The last all-male board in the S&P 500 finally added a woman, presidential candidates abandon the phrase “glass ceiling,” and more.

The truth about inclusion in the workplace, Shirley Chisholm enjoys a well-deserved resurgence, the U.S. Women’s National Team champions equality after a World Cup victory like no other, plus much more.