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Esther Perel on Challenging the Power Structure between Men and Women

Esther Perel, a world-renowned psychologist who has worked with couples and relational systems for 35 years, offers expert insights about the changing landscape at work and the need to redefine masculinity.


Actress Sophia Bush and Harry Kargman Founder & CEO Of Kargo On Using Your Platform To Do Good

Actress Sophia Bush and Harry Kargman founder and CEO of Kargo sit together in the girls Lounge at Cannes Lions 2018 to talk about using your voice for good and how we can all be change agents.

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Do We Need A New Definition Of Successful Leadership?

What does it take to be a good leader today? A recent study conducted by The Female Quotient and Deloitte found that 72% of respondents believe we need a new definition of what a “leader” is in today’s world. Here are the top traits to cultivate to be a better leader at work.


Queen Latifah on Why She is an Agent of Change

Queen Latifah reflects on her childhood, race, gender inequality—and how her mother motivated her to overcome obstacles.

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How To Help a Colleague in a Crisis

What happens to us at the office impacts how we feel at home, and our personal lives also impact our performance at work. Mindy Corporon, founder of Workplace Healing, offers advice on how to help a colleague—or yourself—deal with tragedy at work.

Author: Holly Corbett
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Take 5: Rewriting The Rules of Men and Women at Work

Men, as well as women, lose out when there’s not equal opportunity in the workplace. Thought leaders share how to rewrite the rules of work to help shift culture—and drive equality for all.

Author: Mia Shaw
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What You Need To Know About “Digital Upskilling”

Incredible women from Google, SAP, PwC and Girl Develop It share insights on why digital education is so important, and the programs their companies have launched to enable the future.

Author: Mia Shaw

Fearless Entrepreneurship With The Female Quotient’s Shelley Zalis

Shelley Zalis, Founder and CEO of the Female Quotient sat down with Bobbi Rebel of the The Financial Grownup to talk about her journey as an entrepreneur.


Esther Perel On Men, Women & Today’s Workplace

Psychotherapist Esther Perel challenges us to start a new conversation surrounding sexual harassment in the workplace. Listen to her explore the real reasons why we still struggle with workplace power dynamics—and how we can achieve equality.


David Schwimmer On How Power and Perspective Can Change The Equation Around Harassment

Actor David Schwimmer on how he is helping to create clearer boundaries about what constitutes sexual harassment in the workplace and starting a new conversation.